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Grisly Find On Airplane Wheels

Ewh ah, maintenance crews in Riyadh got an unpleasant surprise when they found remains of a body on the rear tires (tyres) of an Saudi Arabia airplane. Sheez, pity the fool who gets to scrape him off. The plane in question took off from Beirut where several passengers claimed they saw a man with a backpack running on the tarmac before it took off. Hmm, I guess that explains the bumpy take-off then?


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Feet Up Everyone

OK, no need to panic but can you lift your feet nice and slow!

OK, no need to panic but can you lift your feet nice and slow!

Hands up, who brought the friggin croc onboard? A baby crocodile has scared the living  crap out of passengers on an EgyptAir flight from Abu Dhabi to Cairo when it suddenly appeared out of nowhere mid flight. The cocky little reptile leisurely strolled down the aisle while hysterical passengers promptly lifted their feet up and screamed. He was eventually cornered and captured by crew members. He is now holidaying at the Giza Zoo.

Psst Of course no one on the flight has admitted to bringing the creature onboard. Hmm,I wonder whose pant leg he had been strapped to? Check for scratches!


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Move Over Meteorite Boy, We Have a Winner

Elderly man hit by block of falling iceDavid Gammon, 76, was minding his own business and enjoying a nice sit down outside when a friggin 2kg chunk of ice hit him.The grapefruit size projectile, which had fallen from a plane, just missed his noggin but smashed into his lap, leaving a nasty bruise (I hope he put the ice on it!). Mr Gammon said “The first I knew was a huge whistling sound,” before it went flew past his head and “came over my shoulder and landed in my lap with an almighty thud.” Ironically Mr Gammon spent all night with an ice pack on his thigh until he could get to the docs.


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