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Bedroom of the Dolls

Holy haunted dolls Batman. A guy in Alabama claims he was attacked by his girlfriend’s dolls. Phillip’s girlfriend, Nicole, has 100 dolls in her bedroom of which two evidently scratched him while he was sleeping . Nicole, who can communicate with the spirits, believes the dolls are possessed by “two man” hating women who both had murdered their partners, which is why they “acted out” on her boyfriend. She has now removed the two nasty assed dolls from her bedroom due to fears they may continue to torment him. Hmm, so what about the 98 others? Sleep with one eye open Phillip. Nicole claims she has been collecting “spirited” dolls since the age of 12 when she got her first possessed one. Some of the dolls that she buys aren’t haunted until they begin mingling with her highly spirited ones. Nicole also claims the dolls like to have a good laugh but only when she leaves the room because they don’t want to “show” in front of her. She can hear them though.

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There Goes The Neighborhood

OK, here’s the thing, it may have been Patsy Ruth Davis’ dying wish to be buried in the front yard of her home but the town of Stevenson, Alabama, have a problem with this.A court has told hubby that poor Patsy Ruth will have to be dug up and buried somewhere more appropriate as they don’t want to set a precedent for others to follow suit. Seems front yard, main street is a little too much for some residents to take, or as it was so eloquently put “We’re not in the 1800s any longer.” Don’t worry loons, Patsy Ruth and her headstone won’t be going anywhere just yet, as hubby is appealing the ruling.

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Epic Robbery Fail

OK, here’s the thing, when robbing a fast food restaurant do not, and I repeat, DO NOT  do it at your place of work AND especially when having just finished a shift. Make sure your disguise is good enough to fool the staff, who know you and can identify you and will mock you to the media with quotes like this “Apparently he needs to work on that disguise a little” . And finally,  don’t be rocking up to work on Monday to say hi to your work mates, especially when they are being interviewed by police. That’s an arresting right there. Stupid is as stupid does.

Psst Alabama.


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Cheapest Way To Get A Boob Job

Of all the low down rotten genius things to do, an Arizona woman faked having breast cancer so she could get herself a nice big pair of fake breasts.  She told her co workers and family she had breast cancer, which would require a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery that she couldn’t afford . So of course everyone rallied around her, fund raising and donating money. A few months later she had her nice new tits. Sadly, her scam only unraveled when she rocked up to work and couldn’t provide a doctor’s note for her medical leave. A little bit of investigative work and she was sprung. So close.

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Sweet Home Alabama

I thought it looked curdled

A woman in Alabama was arrested after she spiked her grandmother’s milk with camping fuel.The woman and her boyfriend were living at granny’s house, which they also turned into a meth lab, when she got into an argument  and slipped the fuel into granny’s drink.


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Here’s Something To Phil Your Heart

OMG, it’s kleenex time loons. Stand up Phil Campbell and take a bow. I mean, you, you, you and you. When the small town of Phil Campbell in Alabama got pounded by tornadoes this year and 26 of its 300 residents were killed, residents were left disheartened and pretty much devastated. That was until the Phils came to town. Yep, people from around the world who all share the name “Phil Campbell” have traveled to the small town to help rebuild it. There’s a Phil from the UK, Texas, New York and even Wisconsin volunteering to help clean up the town. One Phil is hoping to raise $70,000 in donations.

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Mother Nature Shows No Mercy

Please spare a thought for the people of Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee who have lost homes and lives after monster tornadoes ripped through the southern states. The death toll is likely to exceed 200.


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Friggin Leemings!

The lab tests are in on the 300 blackbirds found dead recently near Athens in Limestone county, Alabama. Hmm, it appears they all died from flying into…wait for it… a large object like a tractor-trailer rig. WTF, is that the best they could come up with? It’s Alabama people, how’s about they flew into a UFO or something????


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It’s Party Time

A big shout out to Alabama for spending some of BP’s “sorry we *ucked* up” money on a Motley Crew concert. Way to go!


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No Points For Thinking Outside The Square

No, I'm OK mom!!!!

No, I'm OK mom!!!!

Come on officer, she was perfectly safe, I had the cardboard box secured by a coat hanger for goodness sakes! An American mom has been charged with endangering a child after she got her 13 year old daughter to sit in a cardboard box on the roof of her van to hold it down! Fair enough. Geez, don’t tell me Alabama is becoming a friggin Nanny State. Evidently the box was way too big to go inside the van so she popped it on the roof with her daughter inside before taking off down the state highway. Motorists eventually dobbed in the mom after seeing the girls head bobbing around in the wind surge. Hmm, but it was OK because she had it secured with a clothes hanger right?


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