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That Sinking Feeling

At what stage did you think making a homemade duct tape raft would get you across the channel? A guy and his his dog were rescued by the Alaskan coast guard after the homemade contraption started taking on water.


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Bear vs Dumbass

grizzly-bearOh for the love of natural selection, some guy in Alaska was seen harassing a mother bear and her cubs by dressing in a bear suit. The dude in the suit ran through a group of people watching the bears and ran straight up to the mum and cubs waving and jumping in an attempt to get their attention. Hmm, give it a few days and I suspect I will be adding an epitaph to this post….. just saying.


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Don’t Feed The Wildlife



One more time people , don’t be feeding the big old hungry  bear while going on a bike ride during a church picnic. That’s a mauling right there. The man , who had been drinking a tad, came across  the bear during the ride and  threw him a piece of barbeque meat. Unfortunately, when he threw a second piece, the bear went friggin psycho and attacked him. Obviously,it wasn’t cook to his liking. The man was later discovered by a park ranger, washing the blood from his puncture wounds at a campground.


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Wilson Will Be Jealous

It’s been over a year but a soccer ball from the 2011 Japanese tsunami has washed up on a beach in Alaska. The man who found it had his wife, who happens to be Japanese, translate the writing on the ball and they were able to reunite it with its owner, teenager Misaki Murakami. Hmm, standby Alaskan/ Japanese interpreters there is probably a few thousand  more tons of debris heading your way.


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Beer Should Be Compulsory For All Survival Kits

That's how we found him sir!

You are stranded in a car for three days in Alaska with temperatures of minus 17 and no provisions, what do you do? Well, if you were MacGyver you would probably use your car cigarette lighter to make a fire and send smoke messages but if you were Clifton Vial you would probably just sit tight and drink three frozen cans of Coors Light beer until help arrived.

Want sauce with that?


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Things Not To Do In Alaska

Holy friggin werewolf Batman, a female special education teacher has been mauled to death by a wolf while jogging in Alaska. Candice Berner had only just arrived in Chignik to start work at a local school. The body was found by a group who’s been clam digging and say the wolf  had been stalking them earlier in the day.


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Bomb Alaska!

I only put my friggin beer on it for goodness sakes!

The World War II bomb that had been circulating around Kodiak, Alaska for 60 years was finally given to the Military History Museum for display.Hmm, but instead of greeting it with open arms, Curt Law and Joe Stevens sort of said… WTF. Friggin thing was packed with 600lbs of explosives. Oh and it gets better, the only reason they were gifted the bomb was because the bar which it was displayed outside of, Jim’s Diamond, closed down. All the locals just assumed it was full of concrete. Hmm, surprise…KABOOM!

Psst On the casing someone had written “U da bomb”


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Under Here!!!!!

Well this would have to be the most painful 8 minutes of viewing ever. A skier who set off an avalanche while skiing in Haines , Alaska captured his burial and eventual rescue on his video camera. If it wasn’t for his glove falling off and acting as a marker, before he was buried he would probably still be under there. Just another reason not to ski!


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The Moose Is On The House!

Can the person who skinned a moose on the roof of the Anchorage office building and left it there please contact the Alaskan police, they would like you to remove it ASAP.


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Hey Palin, Stop Bathing in the Arctic Please!

No need to panic!

No need to panic!

If it ain’t Palin’s hair gel, I can’t help you. People in Alaska are at odds to explain the  goey hairy gunk which is floating in the icy Arctic waters near the town of Wainwright. Officials have dismissed claims the 15 miles of the shiny substance is oil based or hazardous. Gordon Brower of the North Slope Borough’s planning department said “From the air it looks brownish with some sheen, but when you get close and put it up on the ice and in the bucket, it’s kind of blackish stuff and has hairy strands on it,” (I’m telling ya, Palin hair gel!). The mystery should be answered in a few weeks after the substance is analysed (geez faster than MJ’s autopsy!).

Psst So shall we call it gunk or GOP?

UPDATE : The results are in faster than Michael Jackson’s autopsy and the winner is “Filamentous algae”. Not sure how that relates to Palin, but I shall investigate further!


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