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Break In Transmission

Friggin Loon in EsperanceWe interrupt this blog to bring you an urgent news report. The Loon will be reporting from Albany and Esperance for the next few days. Oh yeah!



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One Armed Bandit

Meanwhile, police in Albany, New York, are searching for a one armed bandit who robbed a credit union. He was missing his left arm from the elbow down. And no loons, he wasn’t armed!


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Honey, Come See What I’ve Done With the Garden

Hmm, I think someone misinterpreted the meaning of rock garden!

Lets see them read the meter now!!!!


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It’s Just Not Fare

You know what I hate? When you are in a taxi, it goes through a red light, flips upside down and then, while you are thinking WTF,  some bastard steals your money. I really hate that! A driver and two passengers of a yellow cab in Albany were upside down in the car when some “Samaritan challenged ” person reached in and stole money from a cup and then went on their merry way without so much as  a “are you OK? “. The occupants were all later taken to hospital.


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