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Robber Leaves His Finger At The Scene

OK, if the armed robber from Albuquerque is looking for his severed finger, the police have  it. Seems he accidentally shot it off during a gunfight at a smoke shop.


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That Is Hard To Swallow

Oh dear, when an Albuquerque woman tasted a free yogurt sample at the Sunflower Market she immediately spat it out claiming it tasted like sperm. Sheez, well spotted! The woman was so disgusted she rang police who scooped up the evidence that was still where she had spat it out. The employee was arrested (for unrelated warrants) but won’t be charged until the test results can prove it’s semen. Hmm, so what was the yogurt brand?

Want sauce (pardon the pun) with that?


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When You Love Your Car Too Much!

Atta boy!

Am I missing something here? There seems to an increase in people falling in love with inanimate objects. Geez,the latest comes to you care of a frisky man from Albuquerque. Danny Brawner is looking down the barrel of indecent exposure charges after it was alleged he was seen performing a sex act with his car in a grocery store parking lot.Witnesses told police they saw Danny Brawner “humping” his car’s trunk while swinging his arms around and making loud noises. Ooh did I happen to mention that he had his pants down around his ankles? Guess not. Well, he did! When officers arrived they found Mr Brawner asleep next to his car (friggin typical male!).If convicted he may find himself registered as a sex offender! Bummer, does that mean he wont be allowed to live near a car yard or be in contact with any four wheeled vehicles under the age of 16?


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Who Needs Swine Flu?

OK, don’t anyone tell the World Health Organization for goodness sakes but an 8 year old boy from Albuquerque, New Mexico, has died from…wait for it…bubonic plague. Ewh, that’s right, them fleas have been biting again. The boy’s sister is also sick with the infectious disease. So if you get the chills, diarrhea, headaches and swollen lymph nodes chances are you either have the plague or Swine Flu.


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