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Naw, trying to smuggle alcohol into Saudi Arabia can be somewhat tricky, considering it is illegal. Get caught, that is a flogging. However, it doesn’t stop people trying. Authorities have released images of some of the more epic fails.





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Bottoms Up

coughAttention drinkers. If you happened to have bought a bottle of Smirnoff or Jack Daniels from a store in Blackpool (Duncan?) you might want to a) throw them out b) regift c) rinse your mouth out. Seems some prankster filled the bottles with urine and faeces, resealed them and then thought it was funny to sell them to unsuspecting customers.

PSST  A new meaning to being pissed.


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Do You Serve Shooters?

ear pickerOklahoma City Council are pondering whether to approve Wilshire Gun range’s application for a liquor licence. Hmm, what could possibly go wrong? Hello 24 firearm lanes, 10 archery lanes and classrooms …. it’s all fun and games till someone gets hurt.

Psst Gun ranges in California and Texas already have the right to serve alcohol


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Yummy Wild Turkey

Whoopsie, a mom accidentally filled pre-schooler’s Valentine boxes  with alcohol filled chocolates.  Hmm, happy snowflakes.


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And It Was Going So Well

Seems “house-arrest Lohan” has tested positive for alcohol and has now got herself a date with an LA Superior Court Judge tomorrow. Sheez, thank goodness it was only alcohol and not drugs too! Anywho, the LA County Probation Department want Lindsay’s ass in jail. Obviously not fans!


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911 On Tap

I didn’t know you could ring 911 to get beer delivered? Hmm, evidently not. Raymond Roberge got arrested after he rang 911 three times on a Sunday asking for someone to go pick him up some beer and drop it off at his place. Seems the sale of alcohol is banned in Connecticut on Sunday and he was desperate.

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So That’s Why All The Secrecy

Man, this home brew Coke recipe is amazing

Hey, remember last week when Coca Colas secret recipe was revealed and I said “wow, I didn’t know Coke contained alcohol”. Yeah, well about that, seems I wasn’t the only one surprised. Introducing the $1.2 billion class action by Israeli Muslims,  Advs. Hani Tannus, Ofir Cohen, and Mahmud Machjana . They are seeking  compo for each Muslim in Israel (that’s 1.2 million) for the mental anguish caused by Coca Cola’s misleading ways . Hello, Muslims are forbidden from drinking alcohol, that’s mental anguish right there. The suit reads in part “This is one of the greatest deceptions in the history of consumer affairs, when a company ignores the existence of alcohol as an ingredient despite being aware that the Muslim world abstains from products like these. This is a very serious matter and it certainly won’t be the last in the world in light of the fraud.”
Oh boy, wait until the moms of America unite with their class action. Brockovich will be busy!


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