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Swimmers, Can You Stop Weeing In The Lakes!!!!!

Attention Germans who swim in Hamburg lakes, can you stop peeing in the water, you are killing the fish. Thank you! About 500 fish are now dead thanks to you inconsiderate bastards. Evidently, your piddle is putting heaps of phosphate into the lake which has contributed to the build up of algae that in turn has  killed the fish. So quit it!!!

Want sauce with that?


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Mysterious Pink Snow

Damn! I think old Mr Rogers has been pissing in the snow again!

OK, no need to panic just quite yet but WTF, pink snow! Hilltown police were called to an area in Philadelphia after reports of pink snow everywhere, on roofs, grass and trees. The police  virtually said OMG, WTF and rang Federal Aviation Administration to see if one of their planes were to blame. Last time I looked urine wasn’t pink, unless of course there were a lot of people with urinal tract infections flying! Anywho, while the police were scratching their heads in wonderment one of the neighbors son’s Googled and came up with a logical explanation. Watermelon snow. Yes, that is a name given to an algae called chlamydomonas nivalis that contains a red pigment. Occasionally when covered in snow it will try and make its way towards the sunlight causing the snow to color.

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