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All You Need Is

A Little joey has become so attached to his rescuer he aint never letting go.


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Everybody Duck!


Can the owner of the car with a multi million dollar space balloon splattered over it please come to the front counter. A NASA space balloon has come to an embarrassing end after it crashed through a fence and onto a car (tipping it over) shortly after taking off in Alice Springs. The balloon and it’s payload are now scattered into a thousand pieces (well, there goes the duct tape suggestion) after springing a leak 26,000m up.No one was injured (except for pride).

Psst Geez, I hope there was nothing important in it ! Another tax right-off!


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Over Here Girls

Alice Springs the lesbian capital of AustraliaHot on the heals of the mythical Swedish Lesbian town rumor, Alice Springs tourism have been quick to wave their rainbow flag. Phil Walcott from Gay and Lesbian Tourism Australia says Alice Springs is the lesbian capital of Australia and is a virtual “undiscovered lesbian gem”. Well then it must be! Hmm, seems the town became a haven for lesbians after the hullabaloo and protesting over Pine Gap in the 1980’s. Gives new meaning to Down Under! Quick, notify the Chinese!!!


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You Will Have To Talk To The Clown Union

There's got to be more to life than this? (NT Police)

There's got to be more to life than this! (NT Police)

OK people, stop looking, Boris the inflatable clown has been found, though he seems a little pissed off! Boris, who is the mascot for the Moscow Circus, was believed to have been stolen  from Blatherskite Park a few weeks back but after new evidence was found, it now appears he may have left of his own accord. When a still inflated  Boris was found at the BBQ area at the 17th green of the Alice Springs golf course, police found a handwritten note on him demanding better working conditions! This is now leading authorities to believe they may have been dealing with a disgruntled clown rather than a thief. Hmm, sounds like a job for Fair Work Ombudsman. A much more deflated Boris is expected to be  reunited with the circus very soon.


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Brother, Can You Spare a Dollar?

How am I gonna get my ciggies now?

How am I gonna get my ciggies now?

OK people, lets put our heads together and think of a way to stop beggars. Oooh, oooh I’ve got it, lets fine the buggers. Great idea, all in favor say “I”. The Alice Springs Town Council are currently looking at adding a few new by-laws, one of which allows council rangers to fine people $130 if they are caught begging . It’s brilliant.Nothing like making the poor, poorer.  Oooh and if you thought that was a bit rough, they are also looking into banning camping on the dry Todd River bed, where many of the homeless sleep at night.Bravo. And if the council then uses the money to build shelters, then the homeless, have in theory, paid for their own homes! Ingenious.

Psst Do you think there is an underlying problem here they don’t want to confront?


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The anti Irwin

What could you possibly say to a seven year old who breaks into a Reptile center and feeds the small critters to the resident crocodile? The Alice Springs Reptile Center is reeling from the recent attack on their animals by a 1st grader. It isn’t clear what triggered the carnage but security camera’s caught the 30 minute killing spree on cameras. In total the child killed 13 animals, feeding some, including a 20 year old goanna, to  “Terry” the 11ft croc. Sadly the little anti Irwin can’t be charged because of his age but the reptile center is planning to sue the parents. The zoo’s director said “By all accounts, he’s quite a nasty 7-year-old” (no shit Sherlock!).

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