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Snow Job?

Piss off, we have enough problems with Wikileaks!

Some guy in Michigan is claiming he has found proof of alien life form. Yes indeedy, Duane Snyder is in possession of an ice meteorite (whatever the hell that is) which he says has friggin extraterrestrial organisms in it. OK people, just because it was found near Kalamazoo doesn’t mean it’s a hoax. Duane found the chunk of ice on a road near his home and since it hadn’t snowed for weeks he deducted it must have come from an ice meteorite. He popped the ice in his freezer and for 10 years had been trying to get a someone  to friggin analyze it. Dear god, aliens in your freezer for a decade, I hope it wasn’t next to food!. Anywho,  in the end he paid to have two  chemical analyzes performed and guess what? It contained unique molecular structures…which can only mean one thing. Some drunk bastard either pissed on it or there is goddamn alien lifeforms living in that there freezer.


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Captain Kirk Boldly Goes WTF

Holy friggin Star Trek Batman, Captain Kirk has finally met his match after encountering a strange alien life form….


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