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We Are Not Alone

Holy Hades, get that thing away from me. Lookie what some unfortunate sucker found in their back yard in California. Devil spawn or a very unattractive alien you be the judge.



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Alien Head Dug Up In Croatia

Where did you bury ET?

Where did you bury ET?

Forget Area 51, a Croatian mayor believes graveyard workers have found the head of an alien and it stinks like  men’s cologne. Yes the extraterrestrial object was dug up by grave diggers and now the mayor wants it tested. Locals aren’t so sure it is alien, many believe it is simply a tree root. Hmm, yep, I’m going for the tree root too.

Psst I wonder if it smells like  Old Spice?


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Alien Filmed in The Amazon

If an alien was going to plonk himself anywhere on earth where do you think he would go? Well it seems the Amazon rainforests, that’s where. Two British tourists claim they filmed an alien in the jungle and have passed the footage onto the Brazilian government. Evidently the government have now admitted that they have been monitoring alien activity in the area for some years under the name Operation Prato.

Psst Is the alien friggin bored, he just seems to be standing there doing nothing?


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Pig Born With Human Head

Run people, run!!! A piglet in Guatemala has been born with what looks like a human head. Sheez, that’s no way to go through life little piggy! Locals believe that the mutant pig is the result of an alien visit as strange lights were seen just before the litter of 11 were born.


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Dead Alien

No need to panic people but ahhhh, dead alien alert . Evidently the body, that looks suspiciously like something from X-files,  was discovered in Siberia shortly after a “pink and blue glowing object” crashed from the sky. Sheez, must have been some hell of a crash because the dude lost a limb! Many people had witnessed the crash and even emergency services went to investigate. Fake or hoax?


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Orson Wells Would Be Proud

Nothing worse than when a joke backfires, just ask the editor of a Jordanian newspaper! Hmm, their April Fool’s Day prank nearly caused mass hysteria after they reported (on the front page) that 10ft tall aliens and flying saucers had been sighted near the desert town of Jafr. The story was so convincing Jafr’s mayor Mohammed Mieihan sent a team of security officers to hunt the aliens down, while parents refused to let their children go to school. At one stage they were even considering evacuating the 13,000 residents of the town. Oh boy, I’m guessing the newspaper won’t be doing that again!


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Holy Cow Abduction Batman!

OMG, another cow has been abducted by an aliens. It’s true, I swear. There’s a photo. OK, it’s grainy but you can see the cow and the UFO. The photo was shot by a couple in Argentina. Hmm, maybe those aliens are thinking of starting up their own Maccas franchise in space? Come on people would that lady lie? She doesn’t look like she can use photoshop! And not a word from you Bearman! Last year the world was abuzz with video footage of a cow being beamed up in broad daylight! Everybody panic!!!!

The latest abduction

Last years abduction


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