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Maybe We Aren’t Alone

Anyone heard about the Fast Radio Bursts? Anyone? Anywho, the source of the strange bursts of radio energy known as Fast Radio Bursts (pulses of light a billion times brighter than anything else on Earth) have long been a mystery to scientists. But hold onto your tin foil hat loons Aussie scientists now think that the signals are coming from outer space and thus extraterrestrial. What does this mean? Who friggin knows ….but ET might just be phoning home!!!!

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Aliens Are Coming

death-starA bizarre ‘Death Star’ has been spotted over Japan and some conspiracy theorists believe it is a puff screen hiding aliens. Oh dear god, I will be there in 2 weeks…guess I will be packing my foil hat just in case.

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Apocalypse Free Zone Is In France

Small village in France is a doomsday free zone

Hi, make yourself at home

For all of you worried about the Mayan doomsday prediction, I have some good news. Seems a little farming community in Bugarch, France, is an apocalypse free zone. Yes siree, those lucky enough to be there on the 21st December will be spared, thanks to the aliens living in the mountains. Yes, there aliens in them there hills. UFO watchers and Armageddon tourists have been flocking to the town after hearing word of “The land of immortality.” and the mountain of aliens. You still have time loons, you still have time.


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This Just In


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Beam Me Up Bro

Eh, bro!

Seems there has been  “unprecedented” UFO sightings  in New Zealand’s North Island in the past two months. Sheez, move on aliens, nothing to see there!

Psst 80-90% of sightings usually turn out to be  the bright shining Venus not alien spacecrafts.

Want sauce with that?


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The Shroud Still Shrouded In Mystery

After years of testing and re-testing the mysterious Shroud of Turin in an attempt to prove or disprove it was the burial cloth of Jesus Christ,  Italian government scientist have finally come to a conclusion. Yep, the cloth is supernatural.Reason? No technology today can reproduce the damn thing. The scientist got close by using high-intensity ultra violet lasers but no medieval hoaxer could have got close to pulling  it off (not even that smart ass, Leonardo). Therefore “The implications are… that the image was formed by a burst of UV energy so intense it could only have been supernatural.” Hmm, so in other words Aliens huh?


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The Dumbest Excuse Ever to Buy a High Powered Rifle

When Dane Eisenman bought a .30-06 rifle from a classified ad he told the seller he was buying it to kill friggin aliens. No loons, not illegal ones, the ones from outer space. Seems every 36,000 years the bastards that live under the sun come down to Earth to kill us. Eiseman said he needed to be prepared as they were coming soon. Of course after the sale the seller reported him to police and well what do you know? He’s a convicted felon and legally prohibited from owning a fire arm. Sheez, stuff that, what about the friggin aliens?


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