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I Hope It Is Timmothy Pitzen

Timmothy Pitzen has been missing for seven years, presumed dead after his mother ‘s body was discovered in a hotel room. She had left a note saying that Timmothy was safe but no one would ever find him. Well, apparently that is not the case, he has been allegedly found ALIVE. Yesterday a teenager in Kentucky was roaming the streets asking for help. He said he was Timothy and he had been held captive for 7 years and had managed to escape by running across the State line from Ohio into Kentucky. No confirmation the boy is Timmothy but fingers crossed for his father’s sake.

Please note: If you get held hostage and have the slightest window of opportunity… RUN. And I don’t mean run down the block, I mean run as fast as you can for as long as you can until you can find help.  There must be hundreds of missing people around the world trapped in houses, dungeons or sheds. I often think of Madeleine McCann and hope if she is alive she has the opportunity and courage to make a run for it. I also hope there is a special place in hell for the people who take these poor innocent victims.

UPDATE: As suspected he is not Timmothy Pitzen. However, on a positive note, it has put fresh light onto the case.

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Japanese Boy Found Alive

The parents of 7 year old Yamato Tanooka will be buying up big at their local toy store  after search teams found the youngster alive  in an abandoned military facility. Yamato had been missing for 5 days after his parents kicked him out of their car in bear infested woods for misbehaving.


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Game, Set , Now Go HOME

computer woman 2Nawww, a Chinese woman who has been missing , presumed dead, for 10 years has been found. Oh yeah, guess where? Seems 24 year old Xiao Yun has been enjoying the cool life, living and playing at Internet cafes. When she was 14 she had a mega yell fest with her parents and left. Since then she has been sleeping at various internet cafes and surviving off generous donations from customers. OK, I know , you want to know the burning question….. yep she played the online game CrossFire for most of her time. Living the dream Loons, living the dream.

PSST She must be friggin good at the game by now!


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Hey, Didn’t We Just Bury You?

Sheez, I thought it was her

Sheez, I thought it was her

You know what’s awkward? When you positively identify a body as your missing relative and two days after the funeral the person you thought was dead rocks up. Now officials have to dig up the body and try and work out who it really is. Sheez, lucky they they chose burial.

Psst Those relatives need to go the SpecSavers


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We Have A Floater

Body floating in river was aliveOh for crying out loud people. The dead body you saw floating down the river in Trent was not a dead body…I repeat NOT a dead body, it was a 73 year old lady . Sure she was  motionless and pale but when police went to fish her out she suddenly opened her eyes. No word on why she was floating around.


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Cancel The Funeral

Don’t you hate it when a dead waiter wakes up at his own funeral. Hamdi Hafez al-Nubi, who had apparently died from a heart attack, was being prepared for burial when they noticed his body was still warm. A doctor was called and the waiter revived ,along with his mother who had fainted.


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Snow Job?

OK loons, I write this with one eyebrow raised, a man in Sweden has been found in his snow covered car alive, after being stranded for at least two months. The car was discovered by a man on a snowscooter who notified police. When police removed the snow from atop the car they found a very emancipated male in a sleeping bag barely alive inside. The man, who wasn’t been reported missing, is believed to have been trapped in the car, without food, since December. Sheez, not even a Mars Bar? Authorities think may have simply lived off ice.

Want sauce with that?


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What Took You So Long?

Cast you minds back about seven years ago when the devastating tsunami washed away thousands of people in Asia. Well, guess what? They have found one of the victims alive. Yes, a now 15 year old girl known as Wati  has been found living on the streets in a nearby city. When the tsunami hit her Indonesian village on Boxing Day, 2004, she was swept away in a wave of water and presumed dead. Somehow she has managed to survive all these years wandering the streets trying to find her way home. When the girl wandered into a cafe in Meulaboh and told her story to staff they tracked down her family despite Wati only remembering her grandfather’s name.


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Hitler Lived In Argentina After The War

A new book about to be released is claiming Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun didn’t commit suicide in a German bunker in 1945 like they would have us believe. Nope, instead they were smuggled out of Germany by the US in exchange for Nazi war technology. Even Stalin, Eisenhower and Hoover (FBI) all knew there was no proof Hitler killed himself in the bunker,”  Ah yes, but what about Hitler’s skull fragments ? They are believed to be those of a woman. Hitler and Eva lived out their years in Argentina with Adolph dying in 1962. Hmm, this rumor has been circulating for years however the two authors are claiming they have overwhelming proof  he died an old man in South America thanks in part to newly declassified documents and forensic tests.


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Deep Sleep

Hello!!!! Hello!!

Oh seriously folks, if you can’t wake up a relative don’t be taking him to the morgue unless you are absolutely sure he’s dead. No really people! The poor South African man eventually woke up and began screaming when he released where he was, resulting in several morgue workers running for their lives thinking he was a ghost.


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