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See Ya Later

The scariest part of this video isn’t the gigantic friggin alligator stomping across the golf course …. hell no…it’s the dude telling his mate to stand next to it to get perspective. Yeah Dave, go pat it!

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Pet Seized By Police

Oh for the love of wildlife, a man in Chicago has had his pet seized by police. Evidently, having an alligator in your basement for 26 years is wrong. The 6ft, 200lb creature was bought as a bub at a swap meet and had been living in the guy’s Chicago basement ever since. The owner told police he often let him roam around the backyard. Hmm, there is a charge of unlawful possession of an endangered species right there.

PSST Are you thinking what I am thinking? There must have been a very big newspaper…or one hell of a mess.



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Alligator 1, Truck 0


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Alligators of WalMart

An alligator left disappointed after waiting outside the sliding doors of a Florida Walmart store. Seems he was unfamiliar with how to open them. The frustrated 6 footer slunk into nearby woods after realising the staff had friggin locked him out…. how rude!

Walmart alligator

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Gator Bait

I’m sorry lady, but when a gator punctures a hole in your inflatable kayak because you decided to paddle around in a remote area of Florida’s alligator infested Everglades don’t be ringing no 911. Oh, you did. Stupid is as stupid does.



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It's mine

It’s mine

You know what I hate? When you decide to have a pleasant little picnic by the water in Florida and some dastardly alligator emerges and runs up and eats all your hamburgers. I really friggin hate that!!!

Want fries with that?


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Arm Eating Alligator

A 17 year old swimming in the Florida’s Caloosahatchee River had his arm bitten off by a 3m alligator. Wildlife officers tracked down the beast, killed it and removed the teen’s arm in the hope it could be reattach but unfortunately, no.


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