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Why An Alligator Is ALWAYS Happy To See You

Here’s a fact you may not know, evidently male alligators  have permanently erect penises . Ok, now don’t be looking next time you’re at a zoo, they are hidden inside their bodies silly. A permanently erect penis basically means there is no need for foreplay, they are ready for action 24/7.  Of course I have a vid of one in action but be warned it ain’t pretty.

Psst What the hell did that guy do to get it to come out… just curious ?


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Honey, Mind The Alligator

Leave me alone I have coupons

OK, can the person who keeps letting 3 foot alligators loose in a New York state parking lot, quit it, the animal control authorities are not amused. So far two alligators have been found on consecutive days roaming around a grocery store car park.Hmm, maybe they were shopping?


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Alligators in The Sewers Day

As if, we have more class than that.

Well I’ll be, New Yorker are celebrating the 75th anniversary of alligators in sewers. It was 75 years ago today that the New York Times printed a story about 16 year old Salvatore Condulucci who allegedly discovered a  8-foot, 125-pound gator in a Manhattan sewer on East 123rd Street . Yes, ever since the story circulated the urban legend has spiraled out of control. Many people still  believe that below the streets of New York in the bowels of  the bacteria-laden sewer system live families of discarded pet alligators. Hmm, more like discarded mobsters , drug dealers and  Hoffa.


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