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Not Again

With a heavy heart, I write yet another post about a mass shooting. I don’t like discussing the actions of the shooter, as it doesn’t change a thing. Plus, we will never know or fully understand what goes through the mind of someone so intend to kill.  All I know is 12 beautiful souls, who were simply going about their business, won’t be seated at the table for Thanksgiving or Christmas this year (or any other year). Sadly one of the victims was Tel Orfanos, who had only 12 months earlier survived the Las Vegas massacre. Each will have a story and each of those stories will finish with the words THE END. Thoughts and prayers.

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You Big Baby

This is all kinds of wrong. An American woman claims she breastfeeds her 36 year old bodybuilder boyfriend. Yep, you heard me BREASTFEEDS. For the love of all that is normal, the woman says she was interested in an adult breastfeeding relationship and started advertising on Craigslist. She eventually found an ex partner who was curious and she has now quit her job so she can focus on satisfying his thirst for breast milk. Evidently, she has to get her boyfriend to “dry” breastfeed her every two hours to induce lactation so she can’t possible work! Seriously, I can’t make this stuff up.


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Happy 4th of July

Or should I say ……  Happy 237th Birthday of Independence, America!!!!!


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Home Is Where The Heart Is

Want the scary stats USA? Since 2007 4 million Americans have lost their homes to foreclosure. This year it is estimated a further 1.25 million will. Even sadder, all the while realtors and investors are buying them up dirt cheap and flipping them for massive profits.


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Deyank Is At It Again

Holy cow, according to Bill from Deyank blog,  America’s unstable market could lead to the  funniest Mergers and Acquisitions in history. Click here  Deyank  to find out who’s joining who.

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Honey, why Is Your Crotch Glowing?

OK, the good news that the big cloud of radioactive sulfur that reached the US after the Fukushima disaster posed no threat to the health of Americans … hmm, yeah about that. Seems Sulfur-35 (technical name) finds it difficult to penetrate the body  but not so when inhaled. Hmm,  and guess where the radioactive sulfur likes to hang out in the human body?  Testicles guys, testicles.

Want sauce with that?


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Here We Go Again


Holy global panic Batman. Stockmarkets around the world have plunged raising fears we are heading for a new world recession. Egads! America, Britain and Australia have all been left battered and bruised with billions wiped off their stocks. The meltdown is being blamed on Europe’s failure to dig themselves out of their finacial hole and America’s , well you know, 15 trillion dollar debt situation which could throw them back into a recession anytime soon.  Happy Birthday Mr President


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America halts the import of all dairy products and produce that come from anywhere friggin near Japan’s leaking nuclear reactor.


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Quick Quiz

Which city is the gayest in America? Come on loons, put on your fluffy slippers and think. According the gay news magazine, the Advocate, the gayest city in America is …. drum roll please….Minneapolis. Well I’ll be a fairy princess!


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I’ll Drink To That

Can anyone name the “drunkest” city in America? If you said Milwaukee, have a drink. On average they guzzle around 13 drinks a month. The other greatest cities  on earth include Fargo, San Francisco, Austin and Reno.


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