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Say Can You See….

OK, here’s the thing people who bought their plastic US flag from a Dollar Tree store in Dallas, you might want to check the number of stars on it, because last count it was 61! Hmm, seems the Chinese suppliers don’t do any much research when making cheap crap products for the U.S of A. In their defense the Dollar Tree assistant store manager said the flag is sold as “patriotic banner” and not as an American flag. Oh well, that’s different then!

Psst Sheez, you’d expect less stars for your buck wouldn’t ya?


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Go Fly A Kite!

Sheez, Midwest Realty management people, aren’t you being a little bit precious about not allowing a Iraq War veteran to fly the American flag from his dining room window. Sure it kinda looks like a curtain and it ain’t hanging the right way, but it’s America, the home of the free! Charlie Price and his wife Dawn were given the ultimatum, remove the flag or be evicted. Dawn said “I just want my husband to be able to look at his flag and be proud of his country and his service to it.” Midwest Realty said “We just don’t allow people to stick things in their window,”

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Too Poor To Fly The American Flag

Come on!

Come on!

Clearwater in Florida is so cash strapped it can no longer afford to fly the American Flags. Already Clearwater’s parks and recreation director has ordered the removal of 13 flagpoles with several having already been pulled up out of the ground.  Evidently there is quite a lot of work  involved in maintaining a flag pole, it has to be lit each night and the flags have to be maintained. Cuts in spending and reduced staff has meant no more flags. OK, who am I to interfer, but don’t they have volunteers and committees for that type of thing? I’m just saying!


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