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Beggars Can’t Be Choosers

One chair fits all!

Sheez, you know when Greece is broke when their nation’s largest government health insurance provider is no longer gonna pay for special footwear for diabetes patients because its cheaper just to amputate their feet. Oh yeah, bless!


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Come On Docs, I Can Live With A Black Penis!

Come back Mr Taveras

Run man, run. Luis Rodríguez Taveras attempted to flee from a hospital after he got wind doctors were going to cut off his penis. The man, who had swallowed a large amount of sexual stimulants, had a prolonged and painful erection (27 hours) which had caused it to turn black. Doctors feared it may have turned gangrene and planned to have it amputated. Mr  Taveras said “I could not live without my penis.” and tried to get the hell out of there. Fortunately the erection subsided after seeking treatment from another urologist at a different hospital.


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