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Modern Men Are Friggin Wimps

That's why!!!!!

That's why!!!!!

WTF! No I really mean it, WTF! A 20,000 year old Aboriginal could make Usain Bolt eat dirt and a Neanderthal women could whip Arnie Schwarzenegger’s ass in arm-wrestling.Well according to a University of WA professor, it’s true! Anthropologist Peter McAllister claims men today are the weakest ever.Part of his conclusion comes from studying the 20,000 year old preserved footprints of 6 Australian Aboriginals found in a lake bed. The footprints are believed to be that of hunters chasing prey. Given the soft terrain and lack of modern equipment such as spiked shoes etc, the men still reached speeds of 37kmph. Had they been using modern footwear their speed could have well exceeded 45kmph, 3kmph faster than Bolt. Oh and don’t get me started on Neanderthal women ,they were hell more muscle bulkier than modern European man and could have slammed Arnie to the table ! Basically prehistoric man was faster, smarter and stronger! Hmm, that would explain a lot!


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