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Are You Insane?


The lacoste wearing Norweigian serial killer who is Anders Behring Breivik has been deemed ….. wait for it …. mentally insane. Seriously? Seems his bomb attack and then murder spree, which left 77 people dead and 151 injured, was triggered by paranoid schizophrenia. So that means no prison for him, just a psychiatric hospital. Oh goodie, so he will have an unblemished record when he’s released.


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Fashion Label Nightmare

Everyone just loves great product placement just so long as it’s not  on a friggin serial killer. French fashion label Lacoste have asked Norwegian police to kindly stop mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik from wearing their clothes as it’s seriously not good for their image. Seems Breivik has a liking for the green crocodile logo and has  been photographed numerous time sporting the brand.


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Clutching at Straws

Never trust an ant killer!

In an attempt to come to grips with the Norwegian massacre, some people who knew Anders Behring Breivik are trying to think of clues and hints they may have missed which could have indicated he was a friggin mass murdering psycho. My favorite is compliments of Lina Engelsrud, one of Breivik’s neighbors who told reporters   “He used to spit in the basement and pee in the neighbour’s shed. He took great pleasure in killing ants.”

Psst An ant killer a serial killer does not make!


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You WANT What?

Not only does alleged mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik want to plead “not guilty” he also wants to wear a “uniform” during a “public” hearing so he can tell his side of the story about why he cold bloodedly killed innocent human beings. Dude, I don’t think you have the right to request anything!


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Maximum Sentence For Norwegian Gunman is 21 Years

Probably the worse tragedy following the Norwegian massacre is that Anders Behring Breivik is only likely to receive 21 years in jail because of Norway’s very liberal criminal laws. That is roughly 84 days per victim!

Psst Breivik has confessed to police he was behind the massacre.


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Norway Twin Terrorist Attack

Norway is in mourning today after up to 30 people (mostly children) were killed in what is believed to be a terrorist attack at a youth camp. The alleged gunman,who was dressed as a policeman opened fire, at kids who were attending a youth meeting of the ruling party on the holiday island of Utoya. Meanwhile a car bomb, believed to have been made by the same person, exploded outside a PM’s office in Oslo killing up to seven people. Norwegian police have arrested the alleged culprit Anders Behring Breivik .

UPDATE : It is now believed over 80 children have been killed on the island of Utoya.

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