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Who Do You think Are The World’s Most Admired Man and Woman?

Well, according to YouGov (a market research company in London) it’s Bill Gates and Angelina Jolie. Blahahahahahahahahahaha. Not even on my radar. Seriously!!!!!

PSST: I suppose I should be grateful it wasn’t Kim Kardashian and Kanye West


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Angelina Jolie Fashion Faultless

Have you got a problem with that?

Have you got a problem with that?

I wear my t-shirt back to front just friggin once and I am shamed and then deemed a fashion freak. Angelina Jolie throws her designer on backwards at the Actors Guild Awards and she is a friggin fashion genius. I just don’t get it!  Oh, well maybe I was just ahead of my time. She better not try wearing the odd socks or I swear I’ll …..

PS: I bet Max Azaria just about had kittens!

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