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Umpire Jarred Gillett, You Might Want To Change Your Wiki Page

To say the Perth Glory fans were pissed at the poor refereeing in the A league soccer grand final is probably an understatement . Just click on the image so you can get the full brunt….


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New Zealand Gets Tough On Internet Users

WTF? MUM!!!!!!!

Oh my, the New Zealand government is taking radical steps to curb  Copyright infringement (file sharing) on the Internet. They are planning to pass a law which allows them to cut off access to repeat offenders. Hmm, lets just say that went down like a cup of cold sick. Protesting has already begun, check out the url to the story for starters …. http://www.stuff.co.nz/technology/digital-living/4882838/government-is-totally-fucked


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Bristol Palin Backlash

Seems Bristol Palin is as popular as a boil on a butt despite her still tripping the light fantastic on Dancing With The Stars. So it’s no surprise that there is a growing unity of anger over the “attention” whore’s success. Steven Cowan from Wisconsin showed his disgust by loading his shotgun and shooting the shit out of his TV when she got into the finals and some random sent a fan letter full of “suspicious” powder to the studio. Nepotism sucks! Meanwhile the teabaggers are sitting back and watching it all implode.


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There’s Halal In My Soup

Can you hear the Sharia alarm bell ringing Clarice? The Campbell soup company’s Canadian branch have introduced a line of 25 halal certified soups. What could possibly go wrong? Hmm, well a  “Boycott Campbell Soup” group on Facebook for starters. Dear god, no one tell Bschooled!!!

Psst I wonder what it taste like? Do they kill the broccoli facing East? Is it full of the same crap as the Western version? So many friggin questions!


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Hitler Walks Into A Bar

Oh for goodness sakes Steve Staso, dressing up as Hitler in a Hell’s Kitchen bar to watch Germany vs Argentina during the World Cup, not friggin smart. Yes, the fake Führer, complete with mustache and swastika armband,  gave the Nazi salute and shouted “Deutschland!” and “Heil Hitler!” throughout the match as Germany annihilated  Maradona’s boys. Hmmm, needless to say his Aryan antics went down like a cup of cold sick but it didn’t stop him remaining in character for the whole game! Staso defended his decision by saying “The point is to have fun. You can’t have fun anymore,”


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