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Watch Out For …Oh Nevermind

A grumpy pedestrian was too busy thumb waving at a car that he forgot to take note of pole. Karma right?


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When a Cat Hates You

A Wisconsin couple had to call 911 after their cat went commando and held them hostage. Yes, little kitty was none too pleased about something and attacked hubby before cornering them in their home. Emergency services sent help and now kitty is lingering in a shelter, really pissed off now .


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When A Domestic Goes Bad

I hate to think what he said or did, but a woman’s wrath …

PSST Australia


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Haters Gonna Hate, Hate, Hate

Oh no Geraldo, you wouldn’t? Seems poor Geraldo Riveria got so miffed by all the nasty comments he received after posting support for Obama’a executive order on immigration he threatened to hand over the “little pieces of shits” who posted to Fox News and Facebook authorities. Blahahahaha , what is this talk? Fox News authorities ….blahahahahhaa…. what are they gonna do? Silly.

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It’s Friggin Stale

eatingA woman in South Carolina was so peeved about getting a stale Cinnamon bun at Burger King she threatened to pull a gun on staff. Hell has no fury like a stale Cinnabon!


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There Is a Man In Iran With Only One Shoe

Protestor throws shoe at Iranian presidentWhen the Iranian president arrived home to Tehran following a trip to New York guess what he got for his troubles? A shoe thrown at him, that’s what.  Yep, evidently his little tongue wag with President Obama “Great Satan” over the phone  enraged some hardliners so someone hurdled a shoe. Careful guys thta could be a fatwa right there


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A Little Extreme

Man blames samurai attack on missing can of shrimpA man who went all ninja with a samurai sword told police he was pissed at his mother’s boyfriend for accusing him of stealing a can of shrimp. Well, who wouldn’t be?

Psst Florida


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