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Gavles Festive Goat Incinerated Again!

Charred remains of festive goat

Charred remains of festive goat

Leave the friggin festive goat alone people! The 13m high straw goat that resides in Gavle, Sweden, has been torched 23 times since it was first erected in 1966. Each year the tourist attracting  goat is placed in the main street during the Christmas festive season and each year someone tries to friggin ignite it. Last year by some miracle it escaped pretty much unscathed but this year up it went again. Anna Ostman who is the spokeswoman for the goat committee said they were just happy it had survived through to Christmas Eve. The tradition of the straw goat began in 1966 as a tourist attracion because it was long believed in Swedish folklore that goats not Santa delivered gifts. The first year that the straw goat was erected it was burnt to the ground and the tradition seems to have lived on. In its history only 10 goats have ever survived. In 2005 it was torched by two people dressed as Santa Claus and a Gingerbread Man.The only time someone was ever caught was in 2001 when a 51 year old American tourist got busted and spent 18 days in jail to think about how naughty he was. Another year it was hit by a car and its legs were amputated. The goat committee have tried to coat the goat in flame resistant chemicals but seemingly to no avail. You must admit it’s pretty funny?

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