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Sex Toy Therapy for Anorexics

Trust me, I'm a doctor!

Attention all anorexic girls, if your doctor asks to take photos of you using sex toys as part of your therapy to make you feel good about yourself…run!!!!! A Danish doctor told the court the photos police found on his computer were part of his “alternative” therapy for people suffering from eating disorders “Anorexic patients, generally speaking, have a hard time accepting how they look naked. That’s why I took a number of photographs of genitalia to get them adjusted to seeing them,” Hmm, I wonder what  is the ‘alternative’ treatment for a sicko is? Police found over 600 nude photos on his computer. During the case the doctor tried to diss one of the victims who was  testifying against him   “She’s saying it to get attention. She has previously cut herself as a form of self-abuse.” The good old doc made some of the girls sign contracts allowing him to take the images. Dear god, it’s enough to make you eat!

Want sauce with that?



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Kate The Poster Girl For Anorexia

Poor Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge, she just never wins …. firstly she had to wait 8 years for Wills to pop the question (which by then he’d lost most of his hair) , then she had to wear a hand me down engagement ring (which has got more bad karma than the Kennedys), then organize the biggest Royal wedding since Elton John’s  and now she is getting the wrong type of attention in the US . Oh dear, seems Fadey Katy has become poster girl for anorexia. Yep, since her dramatic weight loss from a UK size 10-12 to a size 4 (that’s a size 0 in the US) several US websites have outed her as a “role model” for anorexics (pushing  Posh off the perch). Sheez, I certainly hope she isn’t going down the same path as Princess Diana  because that didn’t end at all well.

Psst Why can’t they all be more like Beatrice, Eugene Fergie?


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