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Happy Feet Update

I know you are all wondering what happened to the wayward Emperor penguin which found its way onto a New Zealand beach after taking a wrong turn to Antarctica. Well, Happy Feet (so not original) is currently recovering from an operation to remove beach sand from its gut after it began eating it to try and keep cool. OK, not so bright Happy Feet thought the sand was friggin ice . Yep, not the sharpest tool in NZ the shed! Anywho, if the penguin survives they may consider returning it home. Hmm, but at the moment it is quite content to lie on a bed of party ice at the Wellington zoo.


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One Misguided Emperor Penguin

A wayward emperor penguin who found himself eating sand on a New Zealand beach 3200km from Antarctica will have to find his own way home. Yep, New Zealand’s Department of Conservation are saying “NO” to returning the 10 month old penguin to his family, who are all sitting in the dark wondering where the hell is he! It’s swim or die. I hear they taste like chicken?

Psst Surely a zoo would take a one misguided emperor penguin?


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Kind of Ironic

Well known global warming activist James Schneider and a journalist friend have both been found frozen to death in Antarctica. It is believed the two were filming an ice sheet to prove the devastation being brought on by global warming.


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Whiskey On The Antarctic Rocks!

Ernest Shackleton's scotch whiskey discovered

WTF, we've been saving them for Christmas!!

OMG, when Ernest Shackleton attempted to reach the South Pole in 1907, he took along a bit, OK a lot of alcohol, 25 crates of Scotch whiskey to be exact. Come on people, it was cold and dead boring and besides, snuggie blankets hadn’t been invented yet! Anywho, in 2006 conservators discovered some of the cases were still stashed under the floorboards of his wooden hut in Cape Royds (didn’t trust his crew huh?). OK, the cases are frozen solid in the ground but they are still there. A team are planning to use special tools to extract them early next year (hmm, for scientific purposes?), however an international treaty prohibits them leaving Antarctica. Hmm, but does the treaty prevent them from drinking them?

Friggin Update : Typical, a friggin New Zealand beverage company are heading off to try and drill the rare McKinlay and Co scotch from it’s 100 year old resting place! If successful they will try and return a few bottles back to Scotland and hopefully replicate the original recipe.


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