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Introducing The Leopard

Anthony Weiner admits to more sextingOnce a Weiner always a Weiner. Seems the chance of Anthony Weiner becoming New York mayor is slipping through his hands (no pun intended). The dude, who had to resign from Congress in spectacular form in 2011 when he admitted sexting to women on the net while his wife was pregnant, has held a press conference to advise voters that there’s more. Yep, he didn’t quite quit the sexting after his ousting. Awkward. His wife continues to stand by her hubby and he continues to run for mayor. Double awkward.


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Weiner Gets Heckled

Sheez, it was bad enough Weiner had to suffer the ultimate humiliation after  accidentally  Tweeting his bulging manhood to the wide world web but being heckled as you give your resignation speech has gotta add salt. The press gallery were not going to make it easy for the congressman.

Psst Probably not a good idea to thank your parents for making you the person you are today…I’m just saying!


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Silly Sausage

Anthony Weiner has announced his resignation.


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Weiner Takes Time Out To Reflect

I know how ya feel son!

Help me out here loons, New York congressman Anthony Weiner is taking a “leave of absence” to seek professional help after his little indiscretion. I don’t get it. Doesn’t his wife work for Hillary Clinton? Why not just go and have a beer with Bill? Sheez, it’s not like he had sexual relations with that woman….ah never mind!

Psst I hope by “professional” help he means a therapist.


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