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toxic time capsuleWhat happens when you fail to follow proper procedures at a high-level biosecurity laboratory? Anthrax, people! Yep, 75 up to scientists may have been exposed to the deadly toxins after they transferred live friggin bacteria to low security labs not equipped to handle it. Oh for the love of sleeping with one eye open! Now they have to wait up to 60 days to see if they are infected.


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Nearly Dropped a Load!

OMG, when white dust suddenly appeared in an Alaska Airline flight  lavatory  everybody panicked.  Hello, anthrax or a bomb people because every terrorist thinks “Alaska’ when plotting to kaboom something.  Enter fire department and hazardous materials experts who determined the substance was in fact…wait for it…toilet paper. Sheez, I bet all 151 passengers who were delayed were relieved!

Want sauce with that?


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Anthrax Laced Heroin

OK, so I'll just have to quit using

OK remember a few months back I mentioned Scotland was having a little problem with anthrax in their heroin and I said not to worry? Well you might want to change that to WTF. Nine deaths later British authorities are warning its heading to London. Gee, who needs terrorists. Authorities are asking that all heroin users cease taking the drug until further notice.Good luck with that!  Anywho, what happened to the policy of natural selection?


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Heroin Is A Killer In Scotland

Price you pay for shipping it through the postal service

A warning to all drug users in Glasgow , there is a batch of anthrax laced heroin on the streets. The deadly concoction has already claimed the lives of two users. To all the rest of you, I wouldn’t stand too close to any druggie, despite experts saying there is no significant risk of the anthrax becoming airborne they aren’t totally ruling it out.


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