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Who Are You Going To Call?

Normal people ring the police or have their phone number changed when they receive death threats but Tom Cruise has gone straight to the FBI. Seems someone isn’t happy with Mr Scientology. Now lucky Katie Holmes can legitimately stay clear of couch jumping hubby as they are “forced” to live at separate locations (ooh, guess who got their Chrissy wish?). What gets me is how the hell did they get his friggin number in the first place? It isn’t like he would be listed in the phone book or he would answer it if he was.Tom and Katie are now forced to ride around in bomb proof cars. Hmm, no we aren’t talking about their movies, cars, bomb proof cars, people! Stay focused. Seems like the anti Scientology group Anonymous and several Nazi groups have been protesting at his movie premiers, giving him cause for concern.  Cruise has only just spent $10 million on building an underground bunker in Colorado. Paranoid much? Gosh, wouldn’t it be a bitch if he was the only one who survived a nuclear holocaust. Or worse still, if he did get bumped off and no one noticed! So any who, he can’t be too paranoid because TMZ are still snapping Katie and Suri around the Thirty Mile Zone or should I say the Twilight Zone? When that stops we should be worried!

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