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My Dad’s A German Police Chief

I want my mommy!

I want my mommy!

Holy power trip Batman. A German police chief has a bit of explaining to do after he arrested a 5 year old girl (twice) because she played too roughly with his son and then flipped him the bird. It all started when little  Monika Kretzmer upset Wolfgang M’s son while they frolicked in a sandpit. Furious, Wolfgang arrested the now tearful child and drove her home. A few days later Monika spotted the big, bad,  policeman and gave him the finger. Next thing you know police officers are sent to Monika’s house, where they inform her parents she has been charged with anti social behavior. Can’t wait to see how this is going to end!


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Put Up a Friggin Fence

Hi neighbor, great huh, now I can see you!

Hi neighbor, great huh, now I can see you!

You know while the rest of the world battles with an increase surge in violence, Scotland is quietly dealing with their own growing problem….hedge rage. Oh hell yeah, and its  spiralling out of control says Community Safety Minister, Fergus Ewing.What orginally starts off as a wee hedge drama often develops into a Rob Roy or at the very least a neighborly hagis hurling spat. Evidently some hedge growers have zero empathy for their neighbors or the issues they have to deal with in maintaining a hedge.  So anywho to find solutions for this growing problem and to avoid any further anti social hedge behavior they are having a three month consultation. Atta boys.


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Anti Social Behavior in Libraries!

OK the Norfolk County Council have had a brainstorming session on how to stop anti social behavior in their libraries. Solution, place signs throughout the libraries bearing images of beef burgers and skateboards with lines through them. Hmm and when was the last time you saw a skateboarder riding through a library (hint guys, they don’t read!). The new code of conduct is a compromise to avoid the horrid old Victorian days when no one was allowed to speak (yes, but it worked). If you need to put up no skateboards and no beef burger signs you already have a problem, you don’t have a library you have a recreation area.

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