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Well That Just Escalated

You know what I hate? When you are doing a live-stream and you accidentally set your apartment alight while everyone is still watching. Awks. I was nearly  compelled to yell at him… in the same way I yell at idiots on Judge Judy.


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Snakes Alive and Owner Not So

Mayan Pyramid BulldozedOh for the love of …. a man reported missing in Germany was found dead in his home surround by 40 friggin enormous snakes. Experts believe the only reasons the snakes didn’t make a meal of him was he was too big to swallow whole and they like eating their prey alive. Oh, dear lord..eek. The man is believed to have died of a heart attack while feeding his slimy creatures.


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French Killer in Stand Off With Police

BREAKING NEWS – The suspect in the shooting murders of 7 people in France is currently holed up in his apartment after a pre-dawn police raid which resulted in two policemen being shot. The suspect, Mohammed Mera,  a 24 year old French national of North African origin, told police he was an al Qaeda member. He refuses to come out of the apartment despite his mom being brought in to negotiate a peaceful surrender. Oh dear, he is armed with an Uzi machine gun and a Kalashnikov assault rifle. Reason he’s given for murders – France’s military involvement in Afghanistan.

Psst I am watching it live and suspect it won’t end well. I don’t think he will come out alive!!!


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What To Expect Coming Out Of Drainpipes When Irene Hits NY

OK, no need to panic  good people of Brooklyn but WTF!!!!! Hurricane Irene is the least of your problems. A city housing worker just pitchforked himself a 3 foot friggin rat in a New York apartment. Dear lord. Jose Rivera said the enormous rodent was frolicking with at least two other giant rats when he charged them with a pitchfork. No wonder the mayor of New York wanted everyone to evacuate city, he’s scared of whats going to be flushed out of the drains when Hurricane Irene hits.


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Are You Nuts

Downright unneighborly!!!

When trying to rid your apartment of a family of squirrels the Richton fire department suggests you don’t use a smoke bomb. Two apartments were damaged after a blaze broke out in an attic after the bomb ignited insulation. The fire chief said he saw no squirrels “none at all”.

Psst Hmm, wouldn’t it have been easier just to take away their nuts?


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