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Counter The Fear Fail

In a response to the recent threats by extremists over a South Park episode, Seattle artist Molly Norris created a poster which deemed 20th of May the first annual “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day”. The poster included all sorts of objects like a box of pasta and a cup of coffee all claiming to be in the likeness of Muhammad. Sheez, did no one tell her Islamic teachings forbid showing images of Muhammad. Holy fatwa lady. Anywho, the friggin thing wouldn’t have gone viral had it not been for the cartoonist herself. When quizzed about why the hell she sent the cartoon to media outlets her response was “Because I’m an idiot.” Hmm, guess you shouldn’t have plastered your name all over it either. Now she is running with Rushdie. As for the dude who set up a Facebook site dedicated to the day, he’s disappeared faster than Obama’s birth certificate!

Regrets, she had a few!

Psst Want to see the signs of a desperate cartoonist? Check out Molly Norris.


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I Cheated, I Apologized, Now Can I Play Golf?


Enough already, I was foolish, sorry, hugs all round, see you on the golf course. OK mom, lets go.

Psst Why bother posting the video it will be on loop for the next few years. Clinton will be handing over the baton in a private ceremony later today! So from one Buddhist to another …


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Graffiti Artist Apologizes in Paint

Graffiti artist leaves note apologizing for running out of paint

Sheez, I forgot what I mix to get purple, damn!!!

OMG a considerate graffiti artist, what next, a polite thug? A Florida graffiti artist, who accidentally ran out of paint midway through his mastermesspiece left a note to explain why he didn’t get to finish it. The vandal artist ( and I use the word lightly) painted the words “ran out of purple” on the white wall near his incomplete piece that read “Solo”. Very friggin considerate!

Psst Get a job and then you can afford to stock up!

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