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Epic Vomit Apology

vomitA kid who did an epic upchuck outside the bathroom of a bookstore in Oregon has sent the poor cleaners of the mess an apology letter and a Ben and Jerry’s gift card. The epic chuck, which was estimated as having a 12ft diameter, was cleaned up by some pretty peeved and shocked staff members. However, they did get a chuckle when the letter arrived which was addressed to the “Barf Cleaners”.


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I Don’t Think She Is Going To Apologize

Man lives in tree waiting for apologyOK, here’s the thing mister, make sure you really, really think about your threats before following through with them. Sanjay from India was so upset when he caught his wife cheating on him with his neighbor he climbed up a guava tree and refused to come down until she apologized. He’s still there ….nine months later.


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Chewbacca Tries To Apologize

That’s one sorry assed Wookiee and  one mean sonofabitch Ford.



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Yeah, About that!

No, everything is cool!

OK, here’s the thing Japanese people freaking over the announcement that 10 million times higher radiation levels were found in water at the Fukushima nuclear plant, it was a mistake. Whoopsie, sorry about that.Tokyo Electric Power said they messed up the readings of iodine and cobalt in the water and are very sorry for the inconvenience and fear it may have caused. So now that is clear, all the Samurai 50 have to do is remove the radioactive water from the four units and find a safe place to store it. Hmm, North Korea?


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Dirty Diaper Dilemma

My bad?

Oh for the love of god, imagine racing to catch a flight with 20 minutes to spare before departure and your child shits like there is no tomorrow in his diaper. What do you do? Well if you are Dan Blais and Colleen Roberge you  rush to the bathroom to change the little tyke, because no one wants to see poop dribbling down the bub’s legs, now do they? Unfortunately Alaska Airlines didn’t see it the same way. They weren’t going to hold up the flight so they gave away the couple’s seats on the flight. Now they are really pissed that the airlines won’t apologize to them or reimburse them the $1000 they had to fork out for another flight… so in disgust have set up a blog called alaskaairhatesfamilies.blogspot.com. Hmm, I just checked out the blog and, blow me down with a dirty diaper, they got an apology AND a refund.



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I Cheated, I Apologized, Now Can I Play Golf?


Enough already, I was foolish, sorry, hugs all round, see you on the golf course. OK mom, lets go.

Psst Why bother posting the video it will be on loop for the next few years. Clinton will be handing over the baton in a private ceremony later today! So from one Buddhist to another …


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Bless Southwest Airlines

Screaming child removed from airplane

Hands up who thinks the kid should go?

Imagine the horror of having a toddler who starts screaming his little heart out the moment you board a airplane? Imagine the horror of him not stopping? Imagine the shock of having the plane taxi back to the gate and escort you and your screaming kid off the aircraft? Pamela Root’s two year old son Adam began screaming “Go! Plane! Go!” and “I want Daddy!” the moment they boarded the plane heading for San Jose. As the piercing sounds resonated throughout the aircraft the flight crew made an executive decision to remove the source of the disturbance. Now Ms Root wants an apology and compo for the for the portable crib and diapers she had to buy for the extra night away from home. Small price to pay for peace and quiet!

UPDATE The Airline has apologized.


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Alan Turing Gets An Apology 57 Years Too Late

And so after 59 years Prime Minister Gordon Brown has finally apologized to Alan Turing on behalf of the British government. Whoa, feeling a little bit unloved there Mr Brown? Alan Turing was a code cracking genius and modern computing pioneer who was an invaluable asset to the British government during World War II. You all remember the movie Enigma right? Hmm, well Mr Turing had one little secret, he was gay. In 1952 the code cracker was arrest and convicted of “homosexual acts” and for his troubles was chemically castrated. Two years later a sad and broken Turing committed suicide by chomping on a cyanide-laced apple. Geez, they had such dramatic ways back then!
Hmm, now don’t be thinking Gordon Brown came up with this apologetic act on his own people, nope this was in direct response to a petition organized by computer scientist John Graham-Cumming. The petition was signed by over 30,000 people including Richard Dawkins and Ian McEwan. There is now a push to persuade the Queen to give Alan Turing a posthumous knighthood. Why not, she hands them out willy nilly anyways.

Part of Mr Brown’s speech read “Alan and the many thousands of other gay men who were convicted as he was convicted under homophobic laws were treated terribly.On behalf of the British Government, and all those who live freely thanks to Alan’s work I am very proud to say: we’re sorry, you deserved so much better.”

Wanna read more about Alan Turing ? Great article  by Geoffrey Wansell at the Daily Mail.


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