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Barrel Full Of …..

toxic time capsuleI don’t know what 14th century Danish people use to eat  but it can’t be good. When archeologists dug up 700 year old latrines from the an old toilet site in Odense they got a nasty surprise . Floaties. Yep, the poo inside the barrels was still in excellent  condition and stunk to high heaven. After the excrement was analysed they found out two interesting things a) they ate a lot of friggin raspberries and b) they used moss and fabric to wipe their butts.


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Vampire Graveyard

Vampire graveyard found in PolandRun loons, archeologists in Poland have unearthed a friggin vampire graveyard. Hmm, maybe they should stake it out. The skeletons, which had their heads removed and placed near their legs, were found during road construction. This practice was popular in medieval times to make sure that if a corpse rose from the dead it couldn’t find its head. Hello, a headless vampire is just as scary!!!!


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Richard III Has Been Found

Stop looking people, Richard III has been found. OK, some bones have been found by archeologists in the location of where they believe he was buried, but bones is a good start. The remains have all the signs of being that of the late king, including the tell tale spinal curvature (he evidently suffered from severe scoliosis) , a dink on his noggin and a barbed arrowhead lodged in his upper back. Hmm, sounds like him. Definitely the winter of his discontent!!!



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Chocolate Has Been Around Before Christ

Who took my soft centers??????

OK, we might have to whisper because the Wombies may hear this, but a 2500 year old chocolate has been found in Mexico. I said shhhhh. Evidently this is the first time  a piece of chocolate has been unearthed  in a pre-Hispanic site. Archeologists have only previously found traces of cacao beans in beverages not solid foods, suggesting that someone didn’t finish eating their chocolate!!!!!


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Otto Titslinger, You Lying Bastard

Holy over the shoulder boulder holders, Batman. Seems Austrian archeologists have unearthed 4 pairs of 600 year old bras. The bras, which look surprisingly modern and  are decorated with lace, were found in an Austrian castle. Fashion experts are all aghast as they believed the brassiere was a modern invention. Hmm, are you sure they don’t belong to some wayward backpackers?


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A Roman Gladiator Cemetery Unearthed In England

Archeologists in England believe they have discovered a friggin Roman gladiator cemetery. The cemetery was discovered in 2003 under the city of York and is believed to be over 1,800 years old. After seven years of investigations scientists are pretty certain the 80 or so skeletons belong to gladiators, mainly because of the injuries sustained and the fact they were all males (good deduction Sherlock). One male had  bite marks consistent with a big carnivore, like a lion or a tiger. Several had one arm bigger than the other, hinting that they were trained to be fighters from an early age and there were also a few decapitations and blunt traumas to the head, suggesting they  had all been involved in arena fighting (or had been married to some very angry women!). Bones of animals including, horses, chickens and pigs were also found near the bodies, suggesting they had some very impressive funeral feasts.

Psst Geez, if they were anything like British football matches it would have been a friggin bloodbath.


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