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Don’t Shoot The Ref, Argentina

A soccer player in Argentina was so peeved at getting a red card during a match, he stormed over to his bag, got his gun, returned to the pitch and shot the ref dead.


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shark attackHmm, might want to avoid swimming in those Argentine rivers around Christmas time, seems the piranhas aren’t in the festive mood. Just ask the 60 swimmers who got chomped on whilst taking a dip during a Christmas heat wave. The nasty little pack fish chewed on fingers and toes and ripped flesh from their unsuspecting victims (including kiddies). Ouchy, ouch!


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He Ain’t No Steve Irwin

The moral of this story is when Anaconda hunting, mind the friggin caimans. BBC wildlife presenter Steve Backshall was out hunting snakes in Argentina’s wetlands when he trod on the friggin crocodile thingy and it took a healthy chunk out of his leg. The anaconda was last seen giggling its head off.

Sheez, at least it wasn’t a crab ….



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Fugitives In Sheep’s Clothing

Hey, suckers!

Two ingenious Argentinian prison escapees have avoided capture by dressing up as sheep. Yes, robbers Maximiliano Pereyra and Ariel Diaz stole a couple of sheep hides (including the heads) from a ranch last week after making a run for it  and have since avoided capture by placing the hides over their bodies  and  mingling amongst the flock. So far the two are still on the loose having evaded the 300 strong police search team. Locals have admitted seeing them running through the fields at night but during the day it’s near impossible to spot them among the thousands of sheep.

Psst So if they get caught will they end up behind bahs?


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Equal Opportunity Drug Cartel

Angie Sanselmente Valencia and her all girl drug cartel  are believed to be one of the largest drug gangs in the world. Unlucky for Angie she is also now on an International wanted list. The ex lingerie model left Columbia to set up her empire in Argentina after splitting from Mexican drug baron “The monster” and was doing quite nicely thank you very muchly until someone dobbed her into police in Buenos Aires. Her bevy of beauties  specialized in attracting only admiration as they traveled  back and forth from Columbia to Cancun and Mexico carrying bags of cocaine. Hmm, Argentina’s Next Top Model Cartel.

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Fine Line Between Being an Idiot or a Hero

All hail the Argentinian man who jumped off the back of a motorcycle to push a van off the tracks as a friggin train came barreling down. Geez, what a fine line between epic win and epic fail!


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Holy Cow Abduction Batman!

OMG, another cow has been abducted by an aliens. It’s true, I swear. There’s a photo. OK, it’s grainy but you can see the cow and the UFO. The photo was shot by a couple in Argentina. Hmm, maybe those aliens are thinking of starting up their own Maccas franchise in space? Come on people would that lady lie? She doesn’t look like she can use photoshop! And not a word from you Bearman! Last year the world was abuzz with video footage of a cow being beamed up in broad daylight! Everybody panic!!!!

The latest abduction

Last years abduction


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Friggin Creepy Gnome

Forget the head in the aquarium, South America has being terrorized by a creepy little gnome for over a year. Seems locals are hiding in fear after Juan Carlos Roldan and his mates snapped the dancing dwarf again (and it ain’t Rofolo trying to get more airtime) .One eyewitness said “This tiny thing started running down Avenue San Martin at us. It had a pointy head and dark clothes.It was a person of incredibly low stature. We filmed it then got scared and ran off.” Locals still haven’t got over the first incident and many are still too friggin scared to go out at night. The latest footage has justed added to belief that their is a midget monster roaming the streets of Clodomira in Argentina. Wanna see the creepy little gnome?

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