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Trainwreck At The Airport

Oh for the love of flying. When a pilot got no response from an Arkansas airport traffic control tower he called it in. Seems the air traffic control guy was pissed as a squirrel, passed out on a chair, wearing a robe and slippers. Awww, don’t wake him….he’s sleeping it off, bless.


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Move Over Zombies We Have Braining Eating Parasites

Brain eating bug found at swimming centerEveryone out of the Willow Springs Water Park in Arkansas, seems there is a nasty brain eating parasite living there. The amoeba likes hanging around warm water and soil and getting into people’s heads. A young girl is currently fighting for her life after swimming at the park.


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Dude, Where’s Your Pants?

An Arkansas couple were explaining to a TV crew how a tree had fallen on their house when a naked man walked out of the woods and killed the whole damn story. Seems the man was high as a kite.


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Bye Bye Blackbirds and Drum Fish

Hello Arkansas!!!!

Yeah, about those 1,000 5,000 blackbirds found dead in Beebe Arkansas, Arkansas officials are now investigating the death of over 100,000 drum fish in the Arkansas River near Ozark. WTF is going on Arkansas? Experts believe it is probably disease to blame for the mass kill. Hmm and if you were wondering,  Ozark is about 150 miles from Beebe. Birds? Fish? What next?


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Bye-Bye Blackbirds

No need to worry people but why the hell did 1,000 blackbirds fall from the sky in Beebe, Arkansas. Word on the street is they all died within a 1 mile radius and all appeared to have physical trauma. Sheez, Armageddon? Other theories include….struck by lightning, scared to death by fireworks or death by high altitude hail.


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Mayflower Police Sting

Regrets, he has a few.

Hmm, probably not the best choice of tees to wear when you are trying to solicit sex from a minor. Joshua Dawson from Arkansas was charged with “Internet stalking of a child” after getting caught in a police sting! Yep, seems Mr Dawson thought he was chatting with a 13 year old over the net when he exposed himself and set up a rendezvous for some underage hanky panky (he even stopped to purchase condoms) but alas, his night was ruined by the Mayflower police who had been posing as the girl. Unfrigginlucky!


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Best Taser Story of The Week

Atta boys!

And the winner goes to the 10 year old girl who kicked a police officer in the balls and got tasered for her troubles. Lets just say her mother wasn’t very helpful, she encouraged the cop to taser her. The Ozark police were called to the girl’s house after her mother rang begging them to have her taken to a youth shelter. When they arrived they found the screaming crying child refusing to budge, so her mom told them to taser her if need be. Allegedly officer Dustin Bradshaw then carried her to the living room where he received a hard kick to the nuts, legs and feet. Hmm, so after a little tasering she was handcuffed, carried to the car and promptly delivered to the Western Arkansas Youth Shelter. Problem solved.


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The Last Straw

A one legged man pulls gun on Wendy's staffWhy is it that fast food brings out the worst in people. A one legged man pulled a gun on staff at a Wendy’s store because they forgot a straw.It all started when Johnathan Hensley and his wife Jessica went to a drive thru in Jonesboro, Arkansas. As they were driving off they noticed they were short some french fries and a straw. Jessica entered the store to make a complaint and one thing led to another and she was kicked out of the premises. At this point Johnathon gets out of his truck and points a .38 caliber pistol at the staff. Anywho police arrive, truck searched, meth lab equipment seized, drugs seized, money seized and Mr Hensley seized. Like fries with that?


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