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Shark Tale

Nshark attackote to self , if you get bitten on the arm by a 2ft nurse shark don’t bother killing it…chances are the creature won’t let go Anywho. Bystanders claim the woman was teasing the shark before it sunk its teeth in. The woman had to take a trip to hospital to have it extracted.


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Yes, We Know It’s Cute BUT ……..

bearOne more time people, when at a wildlife sanctuary or zoo, please don’t put your arm into the cage of a 400lb black bear to give it a pet, no matter how scrumptiously cute he looks …just saying. I’m guessing the woman won’t be using her right arm for a long while…. as the Loon slaps the forehead with a palm.


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tiger 4Oklahoma Zoo worker puts her arm into a tiger’s cage…. you can fill out the rest.

Want sauce with that?


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Arm Eating Alligator

A 17 year old swimming in the Florida’s Caloosahatchee River had his arm bitten off by a 3m alligator. Wildlife officers tracked down the beast, killed it and removed the teen’s arm in the hope it could be reattach but unfortunately, no.


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