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Texas Man 0, Armadillo 1

A word of warning to those attempting to shoot an armadillo. Their armour is like a shield of steel (quoting wise words of Batfink). A guy in Texas tried and the bullet ricocheted back into his face. He was airlifted to hospital and his jaw wired shut.

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Avoid Armadillo Spit

Holy spitting armadillos Batman. Seems these hard shelled creatures have been spreading leprosy . Come on loons I can’t make this stuff up. So far there have been up  to 9 people in Florida  diagnosed with leprosy and they all have one thing in common, they have all been in contact with an armadillo. The bacteria that causes leprosy can be found in their spit. Well, that’s just nasty.


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Well Officer, It Happened Like This …

Man lived with corpse in trailer homeYou wouldn’t read about it. A man from Georgia had the dubious task of having to explain to police how he shot at an armadillo and the bullet ricocheted off its armored hide and went straight through a fence and then the door of a mobile home and chair before landing in the back of his mother-in-law. She lived to tell the tale but sadly the armadillo didn’t.


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I Sooooo Want An Armadillo

Do they come in white with a bit of fur?


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