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Soup Foils Robbery

Who needs a gun to foil a robbery when you have a pot of soup. All hail the Subway worker in Illinois who threw a pot of soup over an armed robber (who was wearing a ghost mask). The dude exited stage left after the dunking without getting so much as a dime. I better it was CHICKEN soup!!!

Psst He could have whacked him with a foot long!!!


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Your Once, Twice, Three Times a Loser

You got to feel sorry for Darrell Kenneth Timothy Snyder (not just because he’s got a long name) but because he’s kinda of a loser. You see Darrell attempted three armed hold ups at three different locations in Toronto in a  13 minute burst but despite brandishing a hand gun he failed to get a cent. Zip, nada, zilch! For goodness sakes he even tried a soft target, a random pedestrian, who wouldn’t even comply. Could it possibly get worse? Yep, two of his fails were caught on surveillance video, so Darrell Kenneth Timothy Snyder (bless his heart)  handed himself into police to round off his losing streak.


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Never Too Young To Rob A Store

My Bad?

Two things sweetie when trying to hold up a convenience store 1. make sure you ain’t a regular and 2. make sure you ain’t friggin 12 years old! Gosh! The Michigan girl allegedly waltzed into the store with a 9mm gun and demanded cash. The staff , who instantly recognized her (despite a bandanna over her face), thought she was kidding around. Hmm, evidently not. Anywho, someone grabbed her and rang 911. Now she will have something to tell the class during “show and tell”.

Want sauce with that?

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They Should Get a Licking!

Oh for crying out loud, the police in New Zealand are looking for five people believed to be teenage girls, who held up a Auckland take-away store with a gun, knife and hammer. They got away with between 50-70 ice creams. Yep, after failing to get the till open, the group then focused their attentions on a freezer full of ice-creams. Geez, I hope they get an acne breakout!


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Bad Advertising

If you are going to be serious about robbing people, don’t use a friggin van with scanitily covered women painted on it for goodness sakes. Justin McDaniel claims he was forced into a black van at gunpoint and robbed of everything by a group of teens. He was able to give police a pretty good description of the van especially as it had “Big Earl’s Gold Mine” (a strip club in Des Moines) painted all over it. Apparently the owner’s son was behind the wheel!

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Burqa Wearing Robbers

Great for robbing, but a bitch to run in!

What the world needs now are friggin burqa wearing robbers.Yes, what is believed to be two Muslim women, entered a post office in France, flipped off their veils and pulled out a gun. Boo, this is a stick up. The pair (now believed to be men) got away with $7,100 and France was given the best reason ever for the banning of Muslim headgear. Hmm call me cynical but I wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t French politicians trying to prove a point.

Psst Gee, it would be like running in a Snuggie blanket!


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The Power of Prayer

OK, maybe you should try this next time you come face to face with a armed robber, friggin cry like you mean it and mention stuff about god. Hmm, you never know, you might just get lucky like the clerk in Indianapolis.Gregory Smith burst into a cash advanced store and threatened a female teller with a gun to which her response was to instantly burst into tears. The next thing you know the friggin robber and the clerk are praying together and giving each other hugs. Geez, night John boy!

Of course you want to watch it all unfold on CCTV footage….


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