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An Armless Mistake

Armless man fined for not wearing a sealtbeltOh for crying out loud, some cop gave a driver with no arms a fine for not wearing a seat belt. Of course he had an exemption but the cop told him ‘I treat everybody the same, and you people expect things different,’ . Ouch. Anywho the driver went to court and had his fine dismissed.


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Equal Opportunity Robbers

I got no arms I tell ya!

I got no arms I tell ya!

OK firstly people, is it a wise move to assign an armless teenager to be the designated driver in a jewelry heist? I don’t really think so. But anywho the gang of robbers did and despite eighteen year old John Smith needing assistance to change gears (what, not even a friggin automatic?) he managed to lead police on a high speed chase from Kent to London, before crashing the car. Enter lawyers who said “Because of his naivety he did not fully accept that by sitting in the car he was actually involved in the burglary,” Hmm, evidently the Court bought the story because he was ordered to attend a ‘Think First’ programme and be electronically tagged for 6 months!

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