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Teen Uses Courts To Stop Arranged Marriage

Bravo young lady. A 16 year old girl in Australia secretly snuck off to court and begged to be placed on an airport watch list because her parents were planning to take her to Lebanon for an arranged marriage. The terrified teen not only didn’t want to get married to a man she had met once but was also scared senseless of her parents finding out she had taken legal action. The judge has now ordered the parents to surrender her passport and  not to harass, threaten or intimidate her.

Want sauce with that?


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Eeny Meeny

Oh for goodness sakes Pakistani man, what the hell were you thinking? Azhar Haidri was in somewhat of a dilemma, he was in love with one woman but betrothed to another, thanks to an arranged marriage. What to do? He married friggin both of them within 24 hours of each other.Two wives, two mother-in-laws, twice the headaches.Good luck with that. Originally Mr Haidri refused to marry the woman selected by his family because he was in love with someone else but rather than cause a family rift he compromised and married both of them. Gee, I’m thinking someone got the short straw.


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How To Avoid Marriage

OK ladies, want to avoid an arranged marriage? Simple, have a sex change operation. A woman in India did and she’s never been happier.Yep, the seven hour surgery has given her a new lease of life “I feel free now. No one can force me to marry.” Meanwhile her mom has a lot of explaining to do.


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The Gods Must Be Crazy!

I hate these stories because you kinda know how it is all going to end. The priests in Sambalpur had a bit of mopping up to do after a 19 year old girl chopped off her tongue in a Shiva temple ! Hmm, seems she wasn’t as delighted in her arranged hubby-to-be as her parents were. So she used a blade to cut out her tongue so she could offer it up to the gods in the hope she would get a better younger one. When the priests found her covered in blood the next morning she refused to go a hospital and in fact refused to leave the temple until her wish was granted.

Psst It is going to be awfully hard to find a man now without a tongue for goodness sakes!


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