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Smoke And Mirrors

Oh for crying out loud it seems one of the global hackers of Sony, Nintendo and the CIA is a 19 year old living with his mum  in Wickford, Essex. Yes you heard me his mum Essex!!! It is believed Ryan Cleary, who was arrested by Scotland Yard in a dawn raid, is part of a larger hacking gang called LulzSec which is a splinter group of Anonymous. Anywho, Cleary’s identity  may have been blown by rival hackers who deliberately published his name, address and cell phone number on the net recently. Hmm, gee, so it wasn’t complex detective work by the CIA or Scotland Yard then?  His half brother told reporters “Ryan used to be part of WikiLeaks. He has upset someone doing that and they made a Facebook page having a go at him.” Sounds more like the  hackers are  messing with them!!!

Hmm, I hope Cleary has a passport because he may be taking a trip to the US.

Psst For 10 hours after the arrest the LulzSec’s Twitter account was silent but then this appeared “Seems the glorious leader of LulzSec got arrested, it’s all over now… wait… we’re all still here! Which poor bastard did they take down?”  ….to be continued


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Honey, Where’s Your Kidney?

Want to make a quick buck in Egypt? Well you can sell one of your kidneys for $5,000 but odds are you’ll get robbed before you get back home. Police have broken an organ trafficking ring involving Yemenis selling their organs to a doctor who works in one of the most prominent hospitals in Egypt. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) there are many organ trafficking gangs residing in Eygpt and offering the poor a good price to have their organs ripped out.  Many of the suckers who donate their organ usually get mugged as they make their way back home, kinda making it a futile exercise! Anywho, you’ll be pleased to know they have made 6 arrests so far and more expected!


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Some People Never Learn

Oh dear, it just wasn’t Sir James Smith’s day. Mr Smith was on his way home after spending 4 months behind bars for marijuana offenses when he and his wife were pulled over for a license plate infraction. Unfortunately the two had also been puffing away on some weed. Hmm, there is another marijuana charge right there. Oh and their 11 month old daughter was also in the car at the time so bonus, he gets a “neglect of a dependent” too.


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