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Not The Friggin London Eye!

Holy Christmas terrorist plot Batman. Nine men have been arrested in England suspected of planning to kaboom the London Eye, the Stock Exchange and Mayor Boris Johnson, though not in any particular order. Oh and The Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral, two rabbis and the US Embassy were also on their list.   The men, mostly of Bangladeshi origin , were all denied bail.


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They Still Have Friggin Spies?

One minute you are sharing a burger with Russian prez Dmitry Medvedev then, bam!, you’re agents have arrested 10 (with 1 still at large)  alleged friggin Russian spies. The suspects have been accused of carrying out “deep-cover assignments” for Russian intelligence services. The FBI and CIA have been investigating the sneaky little buggers for over a year decade. It is believed the  people are Russians sent to the USA by the Kremlin and were given false identities and were even paired up as couples (and had children) to blend in unnoticed in American society. Sheez, while all the time they were really  using encrypted data in images on public websites and coded “radiograms” set at special frequencies to communicate with their mates in Moscow. The info requested by Russia was mainly about US policy-making shite including Afghanistan, Iran’s nuclear program, and a new weapons treaty between US and Russia. Some members of the spy ring will be charged with money laundering after they were recorded by the FBI, on occasions, receiving or digging up  bags of money.

Psst Hmm, lets face it, whatever secrets they have been sharing it hasn’t helped either  country!

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What’s Worse Than Getting Arrested In Toronto?

OK Loons, so as to avoid mentioning England’s really, really bad defeat in the World Cup you’ll be pleased to know that the arrest tally for the G20 Summit in Toronto is 500 and rising. See, there is something worse than going down 4-1 to Germany, right?

Psst Wow, did anyone notice that the ball went over the goal line ?

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Get This Person Off My Face!

It's like putting on a second skin!

OMG x 10. Four people have been arrested in Peru on suspicion of trafficking human fat. Oh yes, you heard right, human friggin fat! They suspect the group have killed around 60 people to sell the fat for use in Italian cosmetics. Police began their investigation after discovering a  container of human fat being shipped from Huanuco to Lima. It is believed the gang have been bumping off farmers and indigenous people to obtain the human tissue for melting. Human fat can be sold for about $US15,000 a gallon in Europe (dear god, it’s common?). Police expect to make several more arrests including that of two Italians.No word yet on which cosmetic laboratory the human cargo was heading but I suspect it will be well known.  Which opens up a whole new debate about ” being tested on animals”.

Psst Hmm, so how many humans does it take to make a gallon of fat? Sounds like a lot of hard work to me for so little gain!

2nd psst Anywho, if I was going to use their cosmetics, I would want something a whole lot more prestigious than farmer’s fat on my face! Hmm, super model fat maybe!


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