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Step Away From The Tap And Start Talking In A Squeaky Voice

Oh dear lord, toxic water. Thanks farmers and the goddam drought. Seems all the sucking up of ground water has increased the levels of arsenic in some areas of California. One woman who bathed her 4 year son in tap water said he has developed arsenic related bumps on his head. Oh and for those not worried about being poisoned, Helium-3 is also leaking from the earth in Southern California. Inconvenient truth.


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So That’s What’s On The Bottom Of My Rice Cooker

Forget about China’s contaminated milk, it now seems their friggin rice is full of harmful heavy metals. Yay industrialization! It is feared over 10% of all rice grown in China contains nasty metals like cadmium, arsenic and mercury. The reason rice is so susceptible is that polluted irrigation water from nearby mines absorbs is easily into the plant. Ah never mind, they’ll probably export it all anyways!

Psst Shame it doesn’t include lead I think I need a few fillings!


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Biggest Mass Poisoning In History

OMG, if you are planning a trip to Bangladesh anytime soon, make sure you only drink bottled water. Researchers fear that up to 77 million people in Bangladesh have been exposed to extremely high levels of arsenic found in village water wells. In other words it’s potentially the biggest mass poisoning in history. One in five deaths in the country are linked to high arsenic levels in their system. The irony is that these villages were encourage to dig wells rather than to use filthy water from the rivers not realizing that arsenic is found in abundance in the soil and rocks.


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