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Who’s Lighting The Great Fires Of Hollywood?

Can you get me an autograph?

A mysterious arsonist has been setting Tinsel Town ablaze for the past several days. So far 40 deliberate fires have been lit, starting with cars and spreading to buildings. Despite police having two people in custody , seven more fires were lit overnight. Several Hollywood landmarks have been targeted including a house Jim Morrison lived in and a building near Grauman’s Chinese Theatre  (Hollywood Walk of Fame).

Psst Please don’t let them make a movie about this!!!!


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Arsonists Will Be Arsonists!

You know what I hate? When you go to investigate a fire and someone sets your arson van alight. I really friggin hate that. An investigator for the Denver Fire Department was at the scene of a two car fire when someone snuck up on his van and set it alight. Hmm, now it’s a three car fire investigation I guess.


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Vegan Ink

Dear lord, arsonists are vegans too!!!  Mr Walter Bond obviously is taking his veganism to extreme, not only has he got himself arrested for setting  fire to a sheepskin factory, a leather store and a restaurant that was serving goose liver but he’s got himself a mean-assed tatt. He’s really going to hate the food in prison.

For the cause!


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Burning Down A House 101

OK here’s the thing man whose mansion is burning, don’t be telling neighbors not to help put it out because you’re insured, that’s a sure way to get arrested. Trevor John Mack has been accused of burning down his million dollar home on the Gold Coast. Reason? Well the sure tell signs it wasn’t no accident…his car and a storage shed were packed with his belongings (including his current insurance policy) and an upturned jerry can was found at the scene. He says he didn’t but his ex wife (who he owes a substantial amount of money) says otherwise.

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Epic Arsonist Fail

Is it wrong to laugh?


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Shit Happens

If I knew this was part of the job!!!!

Hey, can the guy setting fire to the Port-A-Potties in San Francisco just friggin quit it already.Firefighters are getting really pissed off having to put them out. It’s the third portable toilet in a week to have been destroyed but the arson will have to work damn hard to beat the November of 2008 to March of 2009 record of 27.


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