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Justice Served

RIP Darcey.

Bravo, at last, a real sentence to fit the crime in Australia . Arthur Freeman has been given a life sentence with a non parole period of 32 years for throwing his 4 year old daughter Darcey from the Westgate Bridge in 2009. Judge Coghlan in handing down the sentence said “You did what you did, you are responsible for it, and nobody else is.” Minutes before he took his little girl from the car and threw her from the bridge Mr Freeman rang his ex wife and told her “say goodbye to your children” Darcey’s brother witnessed the murder and begged his dad to turn back because “Darcey can’t swim,”.

Want sauce with that?


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Darcey Freeman’s Father Pleads Not Guilty

Lest We Forget

Who could forget  Darcey Freeman, the little girl who was killed after she was allegedly thrown from the Westgate bridge by her father Arthur Freeman? Well, surprise, surprise, daddy’s pleaded not guilty in the Victorian Supreme Court. Seems he was mentally impaired at the time. It is alleged he rang his ex, so she could say goodbye to her children, before stopping in the emergency lane , carrying his daughter to the railings and throwing her over  into the cold Yarra River (50m drop). It was to be the 4 year old’s first day at school. RIP Darcey.


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Scum of the Earth or Mentally Ill?

This is friggin Westgate bridge

This is friggin West Gate bridge

Oh for crying out loud people, throwing your child over a bridge is wrong! A man has allegedly thrown his  four year old daughter from the West Gate Bridge in Melbourne (oh, only a friggin  58m  drop). Witnesses say they saw the car stop,  the man then unbuckled the young child, picked her up and then threw her over the railings before speeding off. Water police were quickly notified by distraught onlookers and the child was rescued from the murky water within twenty minutes. After an hour of resuscitation she was airlifted to hospital in a  critical condition with severe internal injuries. Sadly the little girl  Darcey Freeman, who didn’t want to be late for her first day at school, died later in the afternoon with her mother by her side. The man in question, her father Arthur Freeman,  is now in custody (and charged with murder) after he was found  shaking and wide eye in the Commonwealth Law Courts  a short time later (boo friggin hoo). It is believed Darcey’s two brothers were in the car at the time and witnessed the incident. It is also being reported that  Darcey’s parents were in the middle of a messy divorce and a custody battle. Arthur Freeman is currently on suicide watch and is unable to communicate with authorities.  RIP little one.

LATEST UPDATE : As if the case couldn’t get any more disturbing it has now been revealed that sensitive documents regarding the case have been stolen from Family Court Chief Justice Diana Bryant’s car. Oh please! It is still uncertain if the car was unlocked or it had been broken into. Pray tell what sort of Judge would leave sensitive documents on such a serious case in their car?

UPDATE : A truck and ute convoy will drive into Melbourne on Valentine’s Day in memory of Darcey Freeman. Anyone who would like to participate is ask to donate $20 which will be divided between the Freeman family and a mental health program in schools. It is now believed there was a chilling phone call between Mr Freeman and his wife just before the tragedy. It is also being reported that a witness on the bridge jumped out of her car and ran screaming towards Mr Freeman after he dropped his little girl over the railing. In all likelihood her actions saved the lives of the other two children (bravo unsung hero).

UPDATE : It is believed Arthur Freeman left a hand written note in his home encouraging himself to keep a clear head. Friends and neighbors of Arthur Freeman are coming forward, describing him as a good father who would do anything for his kids. Zelma Rudstein the lawyer representing Mr Freeman said that he gave no sign of being upset about the custody arrangement, and that there was no history of abuse or mental illness. Furthermore his wife would not have agreed to allowing more time with the children had she thought it was inappropriate.


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