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Eggs Benedict

An artist is about to put her art work on display in Wisconsin. Called “Eggs Benedict”, the work made entirely out of 17,000 coloured condoms, bears an uncanny resemblance to retired Pope, Benedict. The work is a protest about comments he made a few years back claiming the use of contraception in Africa could increase the spread of AIDS. A bit late honey on your protest!


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Vaginal Knitting

OMG, please don’t watch this video if you are easily grossed out. A woman artist  in Australia has taken her craft to a whole new level. She is inserting balls of wool into her vagina and then using the thread to knit scarves and stuff… I couldn’t make this up.


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Glass Blower Sweat Perfume

An American artist working in Sweden is hoping to collect the sweat from Swedish glass blowers to turn into perfume to sell to tourists. Good luck with that!

Want sauce with that?


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John Hinckley Unhappy With Public’s Perception

Remember John Hinckley the guy who tried to assassinate Ronald Reagan? Yeah well, apparently he isn’t happy that people only think of him as the guy who tried to kill the president.Hmm, well I always thought of you as the nutter who was trying to impress Jodie Foster, if that helps? Anywho, Hinckley, who resides in a mental hospital, has been dabbling in music and painting and is frustrated by the public’s perception  “I’m an artist. I’m a musician. Nobody knows that. They just see me as the guy who tried to kill Reagan,” Hmm, yep, pretty much!


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Trivia Helmets on Loons

Which artist has the most number of his works stolen?

According to the Art Loss website, that would be Pablo Picasso. Currently there are 1,147 of his paintings registered as stolen, missing or disputed. Next is American artist Nick Lawrence who has 557 stolen works,  third place goes to Marc Chagall, with 516 stolen works ….and so on…. Karel Appel (505), Salvador Dali (505), Loan Miro (478), David Levine (343), Andy Warhol (343), Rembrandt(337) and Peter Reinicke (336). Sheez, keep an eye open at Trash and Treasure!!!

Psst Oh and 40% of these thefts occured in Britain.


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Your Work is Shit?

OK, this isn’t something new but an artist in Australia is having an exhibition featuring her own feces. Yes, Georgie Mattingley (21) works with her own brightly colored shit. The exhibition entitled Life is Delicious will be held at Kingston Arts Centre, Moorabbin. Mattingley became fascinated with the color of excrement when she was 13 “I’ve done everything I can to turn something so vulgar and repulsive into something so beautiful and spiritual”. Hmm,  I bet she goes through hell cans of air freshener. Click here to see a sample of her work Life Is Delicious.

Psst You know somehow I can’t imagine hanging her work on my wall!


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Friggin Fingerpainting My Ass!!!

Hey Bearman, can you do that with your fingers? Check out what artist David Kassan can create on his iPad using the brushes app. I can’t even do that on my etch-a-sketch!


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Something To Crow About Cow

OK Loons, I left the best till last,  introducing the “Something to Crow About Cow” or as I like to call the Cock and Bull! This golden cow was designed by artist Ella Jackson-Walley and can be found grazing under a tree outside Margarets Forest.

Cock and Bull!


Drinks on me!


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Acer The Fresian Cow

Glitter, clover and a great view, what more does a cow want? Acer the Fresian was designed by well known artist Robert Juniper for the 2010 Margaret River CowParade. She can be currently found watching the comings and going from the Jahroc Galleries.

Acer The Fresian

No bull!

Nothing gets passed this cow

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There was as much fun in finding this friggin cow as there was in interrupting people eating to photograph it. Guernicow was designed by artist Jo Taylor for the Margaret River CowParade and can be found mingling with the patrons of Gnarabar.

Jo Taylor – Inspired by Picasso’s habit of moving limbs and adding bits in unusual places, rather than the depiction of the civil war destruction of Guernica.


Picasso inspired

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