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Tattooed Okowpi Cow

They’re back! Yeah, yeah the last two days has been cowless, because I was using  my Mac while in Sydney. Anywho, this is the Tattooed Okowpi Cow designed by artist Simon James and located at the stunning Wise Wine.

Tattooed Okowpi Cow

Always talking shit!

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Cattle Chosen Cow

OK Loons, you might not have a chance to read what’s scribed on the Cattle Chosen ( Yulika)  cow  so I will give you my Friggin Loon version. Many moons ago, when Western Australia was pretty much a hell hole and settlers were pissed at being given land that was a nightmare to clear,  the Bussell brothers  arrived from England to try their luck. They agreed to take up land in Augusta in the hope of setting up farming land. However, it turned out to be a friggin nightmare just trying to clear the tall timbers, let alone trying to grow anything.  So when their homestead burned down and their friggin cow, Yulika,  did a runner they decided to move to a property in Busselton (yes, eventually named after them) 60 miles away.  When they arrived and began setting up home who should they discover grazing on the new property? Yes, that bloody cow Yulika AND her calf. So the Bussells decided to call their new property Cattle Chosen.

This cow was designed by artist Louise Elscot.

Cattle Chosen Cow

Lazy assed cow chosen!


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Visit Me Cow

It’s a cow, it’s a zebra, it’s a cow. Sheez, this cow is located in the foyer of the Quest Hotel in Margaret River.If you got time to kill you can always stay and read all the news headlines plastered on the bovine.

Out of Africa

Extra! Extra! read all about it!


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Moothane Factory Cow

Oh hell yeah and it blows smoke. The Moothane Factory Cow can be found outside the Margaret River Home Hardware and Timber store right opposite the gas bottles and BBQs. A secret button located on the walking gas factory sends smoke soaring skyward.

Heusso – Is this the end of the Divine Bovine? ….meat, milk and leather vs. methane gas …Who’s really killing who?

Just don't light a match!

Refined gas

Yep, my gas is worth bottling

I wouldn't stand there!

At night it hides among the knick knacks


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Till The Cows Come Home

Make them stop, make them stop!!!! This Cowparade bovine is located at the Perth International Airport, having obviously left the main herd in search of a more cosmopolitan lifestyle. Unfortunately it is hard to slip into someones luggage without being noticed. Big heifer! Ooh and did I happen to mention it cost me a friggin fortune in parking to get the friggin thing too! Till The Cows Come Home was designed by artists Ros Barry and Margaret Heenan.

Till The Cows Come Home

Note the bad lighting and drab carpets!


Busy, ain't it?

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Sighted at “Cow Bombie”

Yeah, thought I’d forgotten  huh? Nope, here is another cow for your viewing pleasure, Sighted at “Cow Bombie” . This lazy assed, bikini clad  Bovine spends most of the day soaking up the sun and pretending she can surf, dead set!

Ella Jackson-Walley : We are heading for “Cow Bombie” in our south west where you will find a surf break to equal the best. Surfers come from all over the world to try and catch the big one that’s  heading for shore and about to curl. Here you will find the top guns and the fledgling little grommies – but nothing will compare to our princess – Sighted at Cow Bombie!

Sighted at Cow Bombie

Nice hooves!!!

Can you be a love and rub some cream into my hide?

These togs are seriously unflattering to a cow!


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Arts Lovin’ Cow

Well, I don’t know how loving the cow was because the Cultural Centre where the Art Lovin’ Cow was grazing was friggin closed…for three days!!! So sorry Loons, this is as good as it gets. Geez, that wouldn’t be the Loon reflected in the window, would it?

Jenny Hunt – Art Lovin’ Cow grooooves to the music, is a moooose for the fine arts, vioooows the latest moooovies and is a real dance stage hoofer.

Just not so lovin' at the moment!

Oh for goodness sakes, not on my ass!!!

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Self Portrait Cow

This cow’s been framed all right. The picturesque bovine was designed by artist Sue-Lyn Moyle and is currently hanging at Flametree Wine.

Sue-Lyn Moyle : Self portrait cow takes a close look at the picturesque landscapes and the people and personalities that symbolise the Margaret River region.

Strike a pose

Mirror, mirror on the cow!

Come hang with me

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Picasso- No Bull

It’s moo time again and today we have Picasso – No Bull designed by artist Vittorio Giovanni. This friggin cow nearly scared the bejeesus out of me when I drove passed it late at night. I had a “WTF was that moment” and in the cold hard light of day I still thought WTF! Creepy damn thing. Ooh and what’s more, I’m not sure if it was intended, but someone had placed a big smelly cow turd right under his butt!

Vittorio Giovanni – No bull, an investigation of the Master! Picasso. Students following Masters. Illuminated by the candle, an opportunity for all to enjoy a Picasso experience.

Picasso - No Bull

Picasso- No shit!

Careful it doesn't bite you in the ass!

There's that candle!


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Professor Bovinicus Cow

Let me say I’ve had a few teachers like this. Hmm, thank goodness she doesn’t have a cattle prod. Created by well known artist Len Zuks, this cow is currently on the corner of Blackwood Avenue directing traffic (and giving out lectures). Friggin cows, they think they know everything.

Len Zuks – Bovinicus represents what continually needs to be done – learning. The accumulation of knowledge both enlightens and keeps at bay, the dark ages.

Professor Bovinicus cow

And the lesson today....

Who threw that duster at me?


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