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Government Wants To Pull A Bunny Out Of Mandela’s Ear

Copyright AP

Copyright AP

The two white Afrikaner sculptors who created a 9m bronze statue of Nelson Mandela are in big doodah after it was discovered they had carved a little rabbit inside Mandela’s ear.The weenie bunny is depicted sitting on it’s haunches with one floppy ear.Seems the South African government who had no idea what the sculptor’s had done,  think a rabbit in Mandela’s ear is disrespectful and belittling. One official said it was like  “depicting U.S. President Barack Obama with a mouse in his nose.”

Want sauce with that?


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Cowmen Moorander

Moove over Carmen Miranda we have a new fruit hat on the block. Introducing Cowmen Moorander, by artists Myles and Jacquie Happ. This glamor cow can be found grazing on the lawns of Leeuwin Estate , one of the most iconic wineries of Australia. Leeuwin Estate is regarded as one of the most prestigious wineries of the world  and their gold plate restaurant is nothing to sneeze at either. The Estate even offers a private charter service to fly you in from Perth. Each year the Leeuwin Estate hosts a spectacular alfresco concert on the lawns bringing in some of the world’s most loved performers.  Tickets are as scarce as hen’s teeth but I have managed to  plonk myself under the southern stars to watch  several concerts. It truly is magical. Glitz and glamor meets picnic rugs and kookaburras.

Myles and Jacquie Happ : Carmen Miranda- an enduring vibrant personality with a flamboyant style that captures the essence of a festival. And we almost share the same birthday….

Cowmen Moorander

I can moo but I can't dance!

I might have some fruit loose!


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