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Like Selling Ice To Eskimos

Way to go Tesco and Asda, they have come up with a brilliant scam. Sell the public bottled tap water but don’t mention the fact on the label. Yes, the sneaky little British shopping chains are filtering water from the mains water then plonking them in plastic bottles and selling them for 17p (50 cents) for a 2 litre bottle. That’s cheap you say? Hmm, well if you just turned on your tap at home and filled an empty bottle it would cost you a third of a penny for basically the exact same thing. Plus you wouldn’t have to friggin cart it home. In an even smarter move the chains have placed the water on shelves right next to Evian and Perrier.

Psst Dear god, if they did it in Australia, odds would be it be it came from recycle sewage water.

Want sauce with that?


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Lucky it Wasn’t the Other Way Around!

Mommy, my ship is leaving an oil slick!

OK, here’s the thing ASDA supermarket delivery person, sexual lubricant is no substitute for children’s bubble bath despite what you might think! Hello, one is oil based for starters!!!!Mike Boss was more than a little surprised to find a bottle of Durex Play Lubricant in his supermarket delivery parcel instead of the Lucky Matey Bubble Bath. Evidently there was some confusion about a bottle featuring a parrot with one eye and …ah never mind!

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No, Christmas Is Never Over For This Loon

Last year I covered a story about Andy Parks who has been celebrating Christmas everyday (yes, everyday) since 1994. However, this year I was surprised that there was nothing, nada, zip about him. So imagine my surprise when I searched Youtube and discovered he is now promoting Asda.


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Friggin Snuggie Blanket Takes UK By Storm

WTF, WTF, WTF. Say it aint so, the friggin snuggie blanket has arrived in the UK and Asda has sold tens of thousands of the neck breaking blanket “with sleeves” already! Hmm, well at least in the UK they have a competing product Slanket. It too looks ridiculous and is also flying off the shelves. Consumers are being warned not to go anywhere near a friggin fire in the thing…woof! Blahahhaa, wait till Health and Safety get wind of these!!!!

Psst Over 5 million have been sold in the US and friggin Bruce Willis wore his on Letterman. I swear the world has gone friggin mad!

One more time roll the video…..


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