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Final Journey

yellow-ribbonA mother who lost her son through suicide, decided to turn to social media to arrange the most awesome of send offs. Hallie Twomey set up a Facebook page entitled Scattering CJ and asked people around the world if they would like to scatter a small amount of his ashes in a place of their choosing . So far she has had over 9,000 offers. Hallie Twomey said her son “didn’t get to see the world and I wanted to give CJ something he didn’t get a chance to have.” CJ was a a former member of the US air force.

PSST You can check out where CJ’s journey has taken him here at Scattering CJ.



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What Is Better than Beating England in the Ashes?

Reading all the whiners commenting at the Daily Mail. My favorite would have to be from this dude…. Blahahahhaha

Psst To all the US followers the Ashes is an ancient cricket competition between Australia and England. Oh yeah, sorry, cricket is a game using a small red ball and wooden bat.



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Shopping Mall Drama

Mysterious powder is girlfriends ashesRun, the dude’s throwing some powdery substance. A shopping mall in Florida was in lock down for a couple of hours after a man was seen throwing a mysterious power into a LensCrafters store. Turns out there was no need to panic, it was the ashes of his dead girlfriend. No, I haven’t a clue why he was throwing her ashes around the mall but the judge has offered him grief councilling.


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Cocaine Fail

OK, here’s the thing dumbassed burglars, that powdery substance you found in the house you were robbing was not cocaine or heroin but the ashes of the owner’s father and her two Great Danes, so quit snorting it! Yep, they did.

Want sauce with that?


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Sex Change Curse


WTF. A communtiy service announcement to the person in Malaysia who stole the ashes of an African witch doctor, return the friggin flowerpot or you are about to have an involuntary sex change! At du Plooy, who is the grandson of the deceased woman witchdoctor, says he is a medium and that dearly departed granny has put a 1km curse around the pot after it was stolen!  Now, because she is so pissed, the culprit and anyone in that vacinity will gradually change from male to female or vice versa if the pot isn’t returned! Dear god, you can do that (imagine how much money could be saved on surgery…if only!). OK loons, I know what you are thinking, why doesn’t the granny spirit just tell Du Plooy where her ashes are, she’s a witchdoctor he’s a medium right ? That’s what Patrica Arquette would do! Hmm, but Du Plooy said he thought so too, but granny told him she isn’t familiar with the area it was taken to! Fair enough, she is a woman!

Psst Who puts ashes in a flowerpot? Hmm, more to the point, who would steal a flowerpot?


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